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As of September 12, 2022,

  • My shop will no longer be available as of September 12, 2022. This change is to prevent fraudulent activity, stop blocked and banned clients from booking, and keep my clientele Moore intimate.

How to schedule a Moore Inner G Reading, become a One of Orisha Sevyn’s Member, enroll a Student, or invest in Master O Tarot, complete the appropriate form below the service, text 312-758-0392, or email moore@orishasevynconsulting.com.

Investment Methods After Speaking With Me – please be sure that I confirm your investment rate before you submit it. Speak with me about what Moore you need FIRST.

  1. CashApp – $BeeMoore333.
  2. Barter – Orisha Sevyn does accept appropriate barters. Please email me at moorekjasmine1@gmail.com for more information. 
  3. ApplePay: jmoore48@icloud.com.

How to Schedule A Service

Please email moorekjasmine1@gmail.com or text 312-758-0392 to inquire about the Bee Moore AcadeME, book a consultation, request a reading, or any other service. Please allow 24 hours before a response is received. 

Moore Services

Ask Orisha Sevyn – Whether you are a Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine needing clarity on Spiritual awakening, in need of Spiritual guidance or an energy reading, feeling low and need a mental health session, or repressed and need emotional support; I have Moore of what you need to get grounded, connected, and more conscious about how to bring your energy to a higher vibration.

Services you can request under the Ask Orisha Sevyn:

The Moore Inner G Reading – Audio recorded or email tarot, oracle card, and intuitive reading.

The Moore Expression Session – 1 hour voice call session for your mental and emotional health.

The Clairvoyant Consultation – 1 hour FT call for Spiritual and personal development needs.

Moore Childhood Healing Sessions – 1 hour voice call focused on reflecting, redefining, and reclaiming the confidence and consciousness lost or left unexplored through childhood.

Each Service Investment: $66.66


  1. Please allow 48-72 hours after investment is received for your clarity to be rendered. 
  2. There are no refunds so be secure in your decision to invest. 

Service Request Form

Email moorekjasmine1@gmail.com with your request or inquiry.

Master O Tarot – Are you mastering Tarot, Oracle cards, or your intuition? If so, invest in Moore independent virtual learning to master Moore than Tarot. Through creative works, audio recordings, and many references; you will be conscious, confident, and creative enough to expand your Spiritual journey and even start a business. 

Master O Tarot was developed through Google Drive. 

Once your investment is received, the link to the drive will be rendered to you.

Please do not share this link with anyone who has not invested. 

Investment: $88.88 for the online resources and 2 private one on one class with Orisha Sevyn.


  1. There are no refunds so be secure in your decision to invest. 

To invest in Master O Tarot, email moorekjasmine1@gmail.com.

Please allow 48 hours for a response.

The Bee Moore AcadeME – Is an online and Homeschool independent creative learning experience designed to cultivate a safe space for the consciousness, creative development, confidence, and career focus of African American girls and boys; ages 7 to 14. Through traditional academic studies and unique instruction ideas; the Bee Moore AcadeME guides students to Bee Moore than academically proficient in life.

The Bee Moore AcadeME is a unique learning experience because:

  • There are five (4 hours on Monday through Thursday and Saturday) weekly FT, Zoom, or voice call one on one sessions with your Student Member and Miss O for personalized grade specific academic support. Subjects taught are: mathematics, science, historical events, Numerology, Social Emotional Learning, English, Writing, and Reading Comprehension.
  • We focus on the completion of work and not competitive learning per curriculum. This means we’ve designed our curriculum to hold space for mastery of all lessons before we proceed to the next. There is no pass or fail, all students finish what they start here.
  • Business professionalism, communication, computer literacy, public health, hygiene, physical health, and wellness are also taught here through daily discussions and weekly creative content.
  • Student Members and enrolling adults receive 7am to 7pm text message access to Miss O.
  • Our Spiritual beliefs are developed and matured through journaling, open discussion, and tarot. (Miss O uses Tarot to expand the awareness and intuitively engage with the student. If interest is shown, Miss O will discuss Master O Tarot with enrolling adult.
  • Deep breathing, grounding exercise, nature walks, and other creative videos and audios will be shared with students for consciousness development.
  • Your Student Member will begin to express, engage, and inquire more about themselves, your beliefs, and the world around us from this experience.
  • We introduce Student Members to career ideas based on their skills, college focused internal skill development exercises, time management tools, public service (community service), and other practices which define the future leader within.
  • We focus on the physical health and wellness needs of your student through information and exercise.
  • We provide your Student Member information about their birth chart and what it means. This is included in your initial consent form and can be denied per your request. Do not agree during the signing of disclosures.
  • We communicate clearly your Student Members strengths, weaknesses, academic opportunities, and academic threats (distractions) to the enrolling adult as often as needed.
  • Bi Monthly Progression Reports are sent out via audio recording or printed in email..

Monthly Investment

$66.66 every 30 days.

Investments for October 2022’s session are due on September 30, 2022.

Moore Investment Details

  1. There are no refunds so be secure in your decision to invest. 
  2. Students are allowed to withdraw at any point with no refund regardless of how long they were enrolled. 
  3. Please allow 72 – 80 hours for enrollment package to be released.
  4. Investments are due the day before class starts.

Moore Academic Information

Monthly Progress Reports will be sent 30 days after each session. 

Letter grades are not used to evaluate the comprehension and success of Bee Members. 

Social Skill Development

October 2022 we are going on our first field trip!

Moore Investment Details

  1. There are no refunds so be secure in your decision to invest. 
  2. Students are allowed to withdraw at any point with no refund regardless of how long they were enrolled. 
  3. Please allow 72 – 80 hours for enrollment package to be released.

Please email moorekjasmine1@gmail.com for enrollment details.

Allow 48 hours for a response.

One of Orisha Sevyn’s Members – Invest in Moore of your Spiritual, personal, and professional wellness when you become one of our members and embark on the journey to Moore. Through one of one consultations and sessions, weekly energy readings, credible guidance, profound wisdom, deep discussions, confidence coaching, and unlimited text message access; you will feel Moore conscious, confident, and clear about your life’s direction.

Member Benefits

As a One of Orisha Sevyn’s Member, you receive:

  • 2 monthly voice calls for clarity, confidence, and consulting. (Energy readings included)
  • 24/7 text message access
  • 1 monthly Master O Tarot tutoring sessions
  • 1 monthly emotional expression session. 
  • Up to 4 monthly energy readings.
  • Spiritual, personal, and professional advice, guidance, and wisdom.
  • Personalized self care and childhood healing information. 
  • Chakra alignment suggestions.
  • HR and career assistance. 

Moore member Benefits

  • Self Care Sevyn appointments are like your in person Self Care Wellness checks for only $22.22 each visit. Please text me to book. This is only for OOOSM.

Investment: $88.88 due on the first of each month.


  1. There are no refunds so be secure in your decision to invest. 
  2. There are no reschedules to your sessions. 

To become a One of Orisha Sevyn’s Membership, please text 773-319-7959.

The Moore Poetic Journaling ebook is still available for download for $33.33. Please email moorekjasmine1@gmail.com to purchase! 

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