A Self Love Journey

7even Weeks of Self is a journey I created to help myself cope with traumatic childhood experiences, repressed emotions, a slight sense of midlife crisis, and heartache. I was feeling lost in my womanhood at the end of a three year relationship, which I thought would lead to marriage; I needed a method to help express my emotions and release the pain.

I am a full time mother, graduate student, Blogger, and at the time, a woman in love. The demand and stress of it all was creating a significant imbalance in the foundation of my womanhood and I needed clarity on who I had become, where I was, and exactly where I was going.

In July of 2018, I decided to walk away from my HR Coordinator position I loved, my beautiful townhouse, and the city I dreamed of living in, to return to center and reground myself. Through this self journey, I increased my awareness, self confidence, and have healed tremendously from experiences, traumas, and emotions I’ve suppressed for years.

Today, October 14th, 2018, I open my heart to share my beautiful yet painful story and journey with the world. I stand today, a beautiful recreation of myself.

Over the next 7 weeks, I will share my 7even Weeks of Self to hopefully save someone else.

This was a selfish journey and I saved myself through it.

Peace & Much Love if this journey is for you! <3

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