The Guide To Moore

Moore Consciousness, Confidence, & Clarity.

Greetings all and welcome to Orisha Sevyn Consulting LLC .

Our mission is to create access to quality Spiritual wellness, personal, professional, and business development services, experiences, resources, tools, and information for the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine collective to align with Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity.


Orisha Sevyn Consulting LLC provides access to Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity through:


The Moore ConsultationWomen & Men, ages 18+.

This service is open to the public.

The Moore Consultation is a one hour of in depth discussion to explore all areas of your life to determine what you need through HR tools, personal expertise, intuitive abilities, and other personal development techniques.


The Moore Expression Session Women & Men, ages 18+.

This service is open to the public..

The Moore Expression Session is a one hour of emotional support and mental health relief. During our session, you are able to emote and express yourself in the most intimate ways while receiving the compassion you need.



One of Sevyn’s Members & The One of Sevyn’s Members DriveWomen and Men, ages 18+.

One of Sevyn’s Members is an intimate connection between you, Spirit, and I as you navigate your Spiritual path and connect to your intuition. Through several virtual services designed to enhance your growth and development, One of Sevyn’s Members is quality client service, Spiritual advising, and personal development in one place. 


Master O Tarot – Spiritualist, Orishas, Clairvoyants, and those interested in developing their intuitive abilities. 

Women & Men, ages 18+.

Master O Tarot is an independent learning course designed for you to learn to read Moore than cards. Filled with activities, audio recordings, and powerful strategies Master O Tarot is unlike any other Tarot class, it’s an all around learning experience. 


Orisha Sevyn Cares Divine Feminines grammar school ages 7-15.

Orisha Sevyn Cares is a way of supporting the health and wealth of grammar school aged Divine Feminines. Here we provide Feminine hygiene products, a notebook, pens, hand sanitizers, and a carrying pouch to grammar school aged girls through different schools within the Chicago and Suburban Illinois area. 


  • Sevyn’s Social Space Divine Feminines and Divine Masculines seeking more information on Spirituality, Astrology, personal, and professional development. 
  • The Moore Blog Free content, information, and reviews to encourage, enlighten, and assist with the collective consciousness. 

Here is to Moore,

Orisha Sevyn