The Bee Moore AcadeME

The Bee Moore AcadeME – Is an online independent creative learning experience designed to cultivate a safe space for the consciousness, creative development, academic proficiency, Spiritual wellness, confidence, and career focus of African American girls and boys; ages 7 to 14.

Our Mission

Cultivate a safe online learning experience incorporating Moore Spirituality, creativity, technology, and personalized academic development strategies for gifted and unique girls and boys; ages 7 to 14.

Our Process

The Bee Moore AcadeME does not teach and engage with future leaders as the public or private school system does. Our curriculum is specifically designed to focus on the development of internal and intrapersonal skills. Completion of each lesson over competitive curriculum learning, one on one 3 to 4 hours class sessions for individualized academic support, and intuitive guidance to guide your young leader through maturity are keys to our uniqueness. We place an early emphasis on college preparatory and professional skill development to define the alignment of each future leader. We allow Student Bee Members to Bee Moore than they were able to during regular school hours.

Our Head Bee and Founder – Jasmine K. Moore BS MBA MPA

At the Bee Moore AcadeME we will use common sense, common courtesy, and common care along with other collective concepts to grow positive personality traits, develop belief systems, encourage independent decision making, and learn about our own lifestyle choices.

Benefits of the Bee Moore AcadeME

The Bee Moore AcadeME is a unique learning experience because:

  • There are four (3 to 4 hours on Monday through Thursday and Saturday) weekly FT, Zoom, or voice call one on one sessions with your Student Member and Miss O for personalized grade specific academic support. Subjects taught are: mathematics, science, historical events, Numerology, Social Emotional Learning, English, Writing, and Reading Comprehension.
  • We focus on the completion of work and not competitive learning per curriculum. This means we’ve designed our curriculum to hold space for mastery of all lessons before we proceed to the next. There is no pass or fail, all students finish what they start here.
  • Business professionalism, communication, computer literacy, public health, hygiene, physical health, and wellness are also taught here through daily discussions and weekly creative content.
  • Student Members and enrolling adults receive 7am to 7pm text message access to Miss O.
  • Our Spiritual beliefs are developed and matured through journaling, open discussion, and tarot. (Miss O uses Tarot to expand the awareness and intuitively engage with the student. If interest is shown, Miss O will discuss Master O Tarot with enrolling adult.
  • Deep breathing, grounding exercise, nature walks, and other creative videos and audios will be shared with students for consciousness development.
  • Your Student Member will begin to express, engage, and inquire more about themselves, your beliefs, and the world around us from this experience.
  • We introduce Student Members to career ideas based on their skills, college focused internal skill development exercises, time management tools, public service (community service), and other practices which define the future leader within.
  • We provide your Student Member information about their birth chart and what it means. This is included in your initial consent form and can be denied per your request. Do not agree during the signing of disclosures.
  • We communicate clearly your Student Members strengths, weaknesses, academic opportunities, and academic threats (distractions) to the enrolling adult as often as needed.
  • Monthly Progression Reports are sent out via audio recording or printed in email.
  • We use the Adventure Academy’s platform to accommodate our traditional subjects foundation on our independent work day. To learn more about the Adventure AcadeME please follow the link below.

2022 Enrollment Details

Below you will find the monthly meeting dates for each session.

Session One: August 1st to September 1st

Session Two: September 2nd to October 2nd

Session Three: October 3rd to November 3rd

Session Four: November 4th to December 31st

Investment Details:

$$66.66 for 30 days of enrollment.

Investment Options:

CashApp: $BeeMoore333

Paypal Email:

Cash is accepted. Please arrange directly with Miss O.

Interest Form

Please email me at for enrollment details.

Thank you to all who have submitted interest forms and invested in their future leaders academic success and Spiritual journey ! I am so excited to create Moore Consciousness, Confidence, and Clarity within your youth’s life!

Miss O

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