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A while ago,
I was put into harm.
I guess he was offended I rejected his charm.
Evicted when I hit the alarm.
Now in this instance,
I asked him to keep his distance,
His best friend, his girl, & a Christian,
Wouldโ€™ve let me come up missing.
Until, I switched,
Called up my clique,
Placed the payment for the hit,
Told Beloved I officially quit,
& When She pulls the trigger, to please not miss.


Due Date 10|4|2019

Before gradutation begins, I wanna confess to you how I feel within.

I want you to know, you are the reason behind my grin,

& Since our Divine Union, I feel like Iโ€™ve been on a streak of wins.

Earthly Mermaid,

Look at my fin,

Mirroring your highest energy, I am your twin.

Not a flame but weโ€™re brewing intense passion,

Fiery red & blazzin’, so intimidation is our initial reaction.

From your presence in my life, I receive the ultimate satisfaction,

Thinking of all of the wonderful captions,

I could write on our pictures that visually express the authenticity of your intention & action,

Finally being satisfied, you are the first to ever provide more than a measely ration. 

I know this may be out of your fashion,

But can I help you guide your way through without crashing?

Call me Blitzen because I be dashing,

The facades of the past, we finally smashing.

So, I guess you can say I finally feel fantastic,

Tapping into my Divine Feminine; exuding the passion.

That in the past, I wouldnโ€™t expose,

As I sway my hips & point my toes,

Grateful for all of the things this journey continues to show,

Enjoying each moment in time, as we move slow.

Can I walk you through the door?

Where both of us can explore?

To secure ourselves & honestly be sure,

Ensuring all of our intentions remain pure,

Releasing the karmic cycle, no longer attending the Heartbreak tour,

Ready for more of the world,

As we gravitate gracefully over abundant floor.


I knew eventually he would do it

My calm collected cool

He almost blew it

Blocked him quick

I refuse to go through it

Insulted at the highest

Blunt and being honest

But he’s down right stupid

“Be patient Juni don’t lose it”

Being calmed down by cupid

He has to fight his own temptation

Embody Temperance

Practice patience

Because this cycle has to come to close

Whether you go through the valley or ditch and hit the shores

As you prepare for the ball Cinderella,

Will your King still being doing chores?


So grateful for this time

To realize how divine this dimension really is

So many things I feel that I can’t speak of

It’s like being really excited,

But still not understanding what the true meaning of Christmas is.
As a kid,

My dreams were always so vivid

Maybe at the age of 10,

From the intense feeling of pain from the past

So deep the cut

If touched, I can still kinda feel it

But not triggered by the mention

Twenty Seven

Teen, I think that’s when I went missing

Happy to announce

I’m back and better than I was before

Karmic debts paid

I’m flying ashore

If asked,

“Why yes, I want Moore”

All is Well

Walking Divine

Angel Number


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