Iโ€™m an exquisite taste, But stupid , So I use to chase, When I shouldโ€™ve replaced, The face and forbid the case. Of lovers from the past, Our time didnโ€™t last, So at last I pass, Because I was sick and tired of the crash. Which continued to happen, Reoccurring actions, But nothing happened, To my satisfaction. So I changed my reaction, Shit sometimes happens. Itโ€™s scary to think they don’t care, All along they didnโ€™t play fair. I was Queen, Courting Jesters, Never a perfect pair. Let go of what no longer serves you; Be free but beware. Continue reading Escape


I was testing the waters, But oh soon it turned cold, I thought it couldโ€™ve been forever, To have and to hold, Requesting the Universal truth and, Oh low and behold. The truth is revealed, The feeling surreal, To know real love, My heart does feel. Itโ€™s fine that weโ€™re over, Our ship has sailed, And the betrayal we share, We could not prevail. Iโ€™m a flower from Earth, Youโ€™ve grown through jail, Expanded my wings so I could fly, I was seeking a passionate sauna, But the heats on Hell. Continue reading Title