Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

The Moore Experience

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

If you don’t know, I recently delivered my second child and I am so excited to share my delivery experience! For months, I’ve been back and forth in my head; praying, wishing, and hoping I wouldn’t have to have a C Section this pregnancy. All I wanted this time around was to be able to experience a vaginal birth and I did!

For months, I prepared my physical body as much as I could for natural child birth. I walked, stretched, hydrated, and rested when needed. I became more aware of my body and was sure to remain fit and as active as I could so the chances of a cesarean were slim to none.

As I approached week 41 of my pregnancy, I knew an induction would be scheduled. Medically, doctors feels it’s safe to go up to 42 weeks pregnant and never beyond it, so I knew if labor didn’t start on it’s own, doctors would intervene and assist. From my previous experience with my first daughter, that was something I didn’t want to experience again.

By the grace of the Universe, I didn’t have to! Two days prior to my induction I started to contract, consistently, and knew it was time. This was not a false alarm and I could breathe because we would not make it to the induction.

My hospital experience this time around was so pleasant and everything I dreamed of. Vaginal birth is truly an empowering experience which completely transforms your perspective on childbirth.

Almost 90 days postpartum and I am healing and recovering wonderfully. From the VBAC, I want to share a few things:

  • If you choose to birth without medicine (epidural) then prepare for intense pressure. If you choose to have an epidural then know that it is only to ease pain and not pressure. At the final stage of active labor, you’ll feel as if you’re in a ring of fire and that you are extremely constipated. During this phase the euphoria of an epidural will start to dissipate because it is only for pain and not pressure. So word of advice, rest and enjoy the works of the epidural while it lasts.
  • Pushing does not hurt, contractions do! Pushing it literally like taking a poop after being unable to for days. The same motions and energy you would use during pooping, is the same technique used during delivery.
  • The recovery process is so much quicker and easier. If you’ve ever had a cesarean then you know how intense and long the healing process can be, however, that recovery time and process is significantly shorter with VBAC.
  • You ARE able to experience a VBAC, even if doctors predict you won’t. During the consultation with my OBGYN during week 39 of my pregnancy, there was only a 52% chance that I would be able to deliver vaginally. Statistics aren’t always accurate or true. Trust your body and the process of childbirth.

I hope that all women are able to experience at least one vaginal birth after cesarean because it was the most beautiful experience of my womanhood!



Seduction at it’s best,

So many things I must suppress,

Strategic I cannot confess,

My silhouette,

& Perky breast.

They get lost in my oasis,

Idiosyncratic they can’t replace me,

My aroma so sweet they hungrily chase me,


They wanna taste me.



Iโ€™m an exquisite taste,

But stupid ,

So I use to chase,

When I shouldโ€™ve replaced,

The face and forbid the case.

Of lovers from the past,

Our time didnโ€™t last,

So at last I pass,

Because I was sick and tired of the crash.

Which continued to happen,

Reoccurring actions,

But nothing happened,

To my satisfaction.

So I changed my reaction,

Shit sometimes happens.

Itโ€™s scary to think they don’t care,

All along they didnโ€™t play fair.

I was Queen,

Courting Jesters,

Never a perfect pair.

Let go of what no longer serves you;

Be free but beware.



I was testing the waters,

But oh soon it turned cold,

I thought it couldโ€™ve been forever,

To have and to hold,

Requesting the Universal truth and,

Oh low and behold.

The truth is revealed,

The feeling surreal,

To know real love,

My heart does feel.

Itโ€™s fine that weโ€™re over,

Our ship has sailed,

And the betrayal we share,

We could not prevail.

Iโ€™m a flower from Earth,

Youโ€™ve grown through jail,

Expanded my wings so I could fly,

I was seeking a passionate sauna,

But the heats on Hell.



I’m happy with my place,

Guided by the most High.

Amazing Grace,

I’m no longer tired,

I’m in shape,

Super Shero.

Where’s my cape?

For the past I don’t even hate,

Destiny ;This is my fate.

For my abundance I so freely chose,

Growing through the concrete,

Cashmere petal rose.

Released all of the negative energy,

This blessing of genuine happiness,

I so selfishly chose.

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