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Top of the sun beautiful!

YouTube is not my thing, I am a very intimate woman.

I created a space for my energy readings, templates, and tools for Moore of you; for FREE.

Follow the link below for a timeless collective energy reading, titled “335 Timeless”.

If you are working toward change in your partnerships then this reading is for you!

Here is to Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity!

Orisha Sevyn


๐•Š๐•–๐•ก๐•ฅ๐•–๐•ž๐•“๐•–๐•ฃ ๐•‹๐•  โ„๐•–๐•ž๐•–๐•ž๐•“๐•–๐•ฃ

Collectively, we are all walking about from low vibrations, people, places, attachments, habits, and routines.
Removing old material items and outdated values which no longer resonate with who we are.
Withdrawing more from the human experience and moving into a space of seeking Spiritual, Religious, or personal enlightenment and empowerment.
Whatever your source of power, now is the time to activate it.
What use to serve us now bores us and may make us slightly uncomfortable.
Un-conforming and shedding layers which are mere projections of those who have led us to our present manifestations; we are the only ones who can genuinely provide all the support we need.
It is about the balance of public and private.
Dismantling old foundations which needed to crumble in order for new opportunities, energies, connections, and abundant energy to flow in.
Expanding beyond our own limitations, we are mustering courage we didnโ€™t know lied so deeply within us.
Screaming louder at the unfair and injustice; liberate yourself from whatever creates the heaviness of judgement, shame, or confusion.
We are not what we experience but we are reflections of what align with.
Clear your heavy thoughts because if as above then below will materialize all your confusion and fear.
Push forward, positively as you become more of yourself.
Continue to develop your boundaries and stand firmly against the chaos sent to test your will.
Secure yourself in all the shadow you are.
Let go of what hurts to hold.
Open up about how you genuinely feel.
Dedicate time to resting during this recovery process before Fallโ€™s harvest.
Honor your intuition and recall all your power as you rise to your call.
Show compassion for all others because the energy has influence on us all.
This year is about home, foundation + achievement, and self esteem.
Allow things to freely flow in and out of your life as they should.
Beg none for permission to express your highest vibration because the power is only yours to exert.
Devote more time to your daily Self Care rituals and routines.
As we move from Summer, closer to Winter solstice, I send love to help raise theย collectiveย vibration because we all are deserving of so much Moore.
The time for us to save ourselves is now.

๐”ธ๐•ฃ๐•– ๐•ช๐• ๐•ฆ ๐•ฃ๐•–๐•’๐••๐•ช ๐•—๐• ๐•ฃ ๐•„๐• ๐• ๐•ฃ๐•– โ„‚๐•๐•’๐•ฃ๐•š๐•ฅ๐•ช?


Bee Moore Babies

Pregnancy Update for 3/1/2019

Written on 3/2/2019

Week 9

Since my last check in a lot of things have changed.

I am no longer itching to death from Hives. They have gone away and I am now dealing with the dry skin patches left behind. I would say I have about 50 little polka dot sized spots from the back of my neck to my knees.

From blood work, my Vitamin D was lower than average and I’ve been prescribed Vitamin D pills to take daily for 60 days. I immediately felt the increase in energy after taking the first one. I am starting to feel a little more like myself. However, walking through the mall for 30 minutes still feels like I ran a marathon.

From blood work, it has been confirmed that I am pregnant with TWINS. Blood work has also confirmed the chromosomes of the baby and I will keep the gender under wraps until a later update. (Smile)

I am technically, 9 weeks but since I am having Twins, I will be delivering the twins via C section during week 37 or 38 per the doctors order. This is very common and at first I was afraid due to my first experience but my emotional and physical support system has created a sheet of comfort.

I am due to graduate with my MBA in Human Resources Management on August 4th, 2019 but depending on how heavy my stomach is, I will miss the ceremony. I already feel like I’m carrying about 5 pounds in the front already and they are only the size of blueberries lol.

I want to publicly express how supportive the Father of my children has been. He has been here every time I call and is providing the strength I need to get through this. He has been my best friend and a shoulder to scream and cry on when needed. He has catered to all of my cravings and stood firm in the storm of mood swings. Our love continues to grow with my belly. I am truly in love with you Sir and I am honored to carry your children.

I just want to express how much I appreciate him to the world because I would be an emotional wreck without his love and encouragement.

Thank you!

Twins are truly a gift from Beloved and I continue to express how I feel Chosen. My Spiritual journey has taken a drastic turn and none of this was in my plans but they say that life is full of surprises. This pregnancy was a surprise and Twins doubled that element. I am pleasantly surprised at how Beloved is leading the way to abundance for me.

Beloved, I am ready for this journey and I ask for everyone to keep us in your prayers. I am anticipating delivering my healthy – beautiful bundles of joy during Virgo season. Their father is a Virgo and my Venus is in Virgo.

Since I stopped trying to control my destiny, the Universe has swept me off of my feet.

I am absolutely flying on love.

Until next update.



Energy Reading 2/8/2019 (F)

Birth Chart


I am on a Twin Flame / Soulmate journey with a Sun in Virgo.

I identify as the Divine Feminine.

Energy is for February 8, 2019.

Deck| Energy Oracle Deck by Sandra Anne Taylor

1Woman Holding Coin– In Traditional Tarot (Queen of
-Female Connection in Health, Wealth, &Value.
– Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)
2Fifth Chakra –
Arch Angel
– Throat Chakra
– Speaking Your Truth
– Self Expression
– Communication
Gabriel – “Christmas Angel”
– Specializing in speaking clarity.
3Appreciation– Choosing Gratitude.
4Journey– Movement, Relocation, Travel.
– Friendship, Partnership of two, &
Possible love.
6The World– In Traditional tarot, this would be
the World.
– Expansion
– Opening Up
7Angel of Love– Tender Connections
Bottom of
– New Beginnings
– Pregnancy
– Abundance in any form
-Growth and Development


I feel like this is showing an Earth sign who is finally in the season of growth and abundant change; ready to express their emotions of love because of or toward a caring connection. This is Divine Timing and the world is intervening for this journey and connection to grow.

Blossoming abundance could also represent pregnancy. If the Blossoming Abundance symbolizes a pregnancy within a caring connection, it is now the time of self expression, love, and appreciation to or from an Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) Male or Female.

Clarifying Cards – Are the cards pulled below to enhance the meaning of the first spread.

Deck| Ms. Cleo Power Tarot Deck

Hiero –
– Major Arcana
– Priest in Ancient Greece
– Tradition & Convention
– Marriage
– Teacher
– Represents the sign Taurus (Earth Sign)
2Knight of
– Younger Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo,
(b/c the Knight in the Royal Court, is
the position before King)
– Coins are Pentacles in the Traditional
– Coins are valuables (money, opportunity,
abundance) at a slow & steady pace.
( Slowest & most grounded offer)
– A solid offer.
36 of
– Triumph
– Action
– Recognition & Reward
42 of
– Planning
– Movement Forward
– Progression
– Major Arcana
– Rest, New Perspective, Thinking, Pause,
& Letting go.
6Knight of
– In Traditional Tarot, Staffs would be
– Wands are passion.
– Knight of Staffs could be a younger
(b/c the Knight in the Royal Court, is the
position before King) Fire sign (Leo, Aries,
78 of Staffs– Rapid communication of passion.
Bottom of DeckQueen
– Earth Sign (Taurus, Virgo,
Same as Position 1 in first chart.

Deck: Ms. Cleo Power Tarot Deck

This spread verifies the energy from the first reading. If you refer to the meaning of each card, each is represented as above and below. The energy is intense, so there is a major shift upon those coming into Divine Union or on a Twin Flame / Soulmate Journey; ย thatย involvesย aย Taurus,ย Virgo,ย orย Capricornย  ///and///ย aย Leo,ย Aries,ย orย Sagittarius.ย 

Happy Feeling!




I do not believe in coincidences

So I see all the signs in this

A Higher Good present

I’m pretty fond of this


Things shiftingย 

Intense feeling making me feel lifted

Scales suddenly shifted

But in a happy way is how I mean itย 

The bass boomingย 

Through my Heart Chakra


Feeling modern day Soap Opera

& The Days of Our Lives

Are getting better,

Baby we poppin’.

So hold on,

Please don’t stop it

On top,

I like to drop it

& He love the way I pop it

All Black coffee, no extra topping

Hands over my eyes, I’m shy

Undercover like a cop be

So officer arrest me

I studied youย 

Now test me

Iron me straightย 

Gently press me

Revive our love

Double chest press me.ย 



Staying in places we donโ€™t belong

Ignoring our happiness all along

Makes us feel like weโ€™re doing something wrong

But resisting our truth only makes it strong.

We have to free ourselves of fear

Get in our feelings

Watch insecurity disappear

Clear all of our self confusion

So the voices are near

We are clear on our decisions

So our divine path we can confidently steer.

So focused on third dimensional material

If I had to compare the two

The universal guidance is a full course breakfast

& Our small self fulfillments are like passing on that to eat a bowl of cereal

Yes, I believe in miracles.

& Iโ€™m here to be the vessel

No longer being selfish

To be a source of genuine wisdom

Embodying a Spiritual Queen

No longer a mortal peasant.

I want you all to transcend

No more concealing my blessings

Stop the blends of ego wins

Shatter your conformity to mortal egotistical trends

& Allow the Universe to step in

& Watch how gracefully the rays of abundance shine on your skin.

The End.

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