Moore Signs & Synchronicities

Spirit communicates with us in mysterious ways and I want to interpret a few for you to not only intrigue you but to expand your consciousness. 

When the following manifestations occur, consider what you are feeling or the clarity you are seeking.

If you feel the energy behind the occurrence then take it for it is.

Your awareness has to be high and you must be grounded. 

Meaning you must know what day of the week it is, the month, where you are, be in the moment, and not in lack energy or mentality.

I believe that: 

Sneezing is a sign that blessings are coming within the next 1-4 hours.

Horns from trains mean we are moving on from stagnation. 

Trains stopping us from moving forward alerts you of Spiritual delays.

Dog barks are confirmation of your thoughts being correct.

Black cats are feared but they secure Ancestral protection. 

Ear ringing is a major sign of a download coming in. 

Dizziness & fainting are common during Spiritual ascension. 

Coughing signifies a moment of clarity is coming in or has been made.

I hope this explanation provides Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity for you.

Orisha Sevyn


Moore Confirmation: #644

Hi beautiful and welcome to The Moore Blog!

Spirit communicates with us through multiple signs and synchronicities depending on how conscious we are.

Time may be an illusion but numbers are a powerful tool we must educate ourselves on in order to stay aligned.

Many refer to these numbers as Angel Numbers but in Astrology this concept would be called Numerology.

Numerology in lamest terms is the study and interpretation of numbers.

What is #644?

Moore confirmation that you are working toward your Spiritual wellness. Think of Virgo energy associated with the 6TH house and Cancer with the 4TH house.

Six encourages us to focus on our health and service of ourselves to serve others.

Four encourages us to focus on our healing abilities, childhood wounds, & Divine Feminine energies.

Truly this is Spiritual work because cleanliness is next to Godliness.

High vibrational 644 confirms you are shifting higher into Spiritual wellness from the activity you are engaging in.

Lower vibrational 644 can be a warning that the decision you make could create heaviness, anxiety, or trigger childhood wounds.

When you align with this number you could be:

– Hydrating yourself.

– Grabbing a snack promoting good energy.

– Educating someone younger on a life lesson.

– Creatively expressing yourself on an insecurity.

– Stretching.

– Meditating.

– Healing.

– Cleaning.

– Cooking.

– Connecting to your heart and working through your fears around productivity.

Number 644 can also indicate that the experience manifesting could be calling you to be devoted to your daily routines and family issues.

However it resonates, I hope now when you see 644 you feel Moore connected and clear about the direction you are heading.

Whether a warning or confirmation, 644 means all is well because you are in action.

Orisha Sevyn

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