Soul mates,

I’ve had a few,

But my favorite two.

As firm as concrete,

But their passionate energy,

Beyond the stars and the moon.

Spoiled in every essence,

Enjoying their mental and physical presence,

Oh yeah you really guessed it,

Issue I never pressed it.

But the time has come to go,

I performed,

Put on a show,

I will never ever ever,

Beg him for more.



No other body can stroke,



Make him feign like Iโ€™m dope.

He snorts like a line,

Constantly replaying the time,

When we were fine,

& That pole I would shine,.

Whine and mope,

Ice and rope,

See on my dope,

He began to choke,

He could no longer smoke.

& The quicker he came,

His feelings he couldnโ€™t tame ,

So me, he continued to blame,

Knowing my heart beat the same ,

& How cold I became.

With the distance which began to grow,

He was so fucking afraid to let the people know,

He was so heavily in love.

So high beyond the drugs,

But it was the weight of his ego,

Luggage he refused to get rid of .



That you didnโ€™t turn out to be ,

The nigga they expressed to me,

But I know this sensation in my chest,

I officially lay to rest,

I can no longer express,

What I have left .

Because you continue to test,

When we need rest,

To decompress,

From the stress,

We continued to press.

Upon each other,

I fucking confess,

I wanna contest,

How this smile I cannot put to rest.

At the mention of your name,

When you use to be a pest,

But now that time has evolved,

You seem to be the best.

The cream of the crop,

My little cherry on top,

Touched down in my city,

Into his arms, I dropped.



I donโ€™t know what to say,

To describe or replay,

All the pain I feel from the past;

I guess It was destined, it was fate.

See karma is real, so believe what they say

Be careful at what you think, chant, and pray.

What you release will return,

Like ashes to an Urn,

So out goes the soul and to Hell we could burn,

For our sins are our own.

& We are destined for our own fate,

Mind your business and your karma,

& Watch the higher you elevate.


05 25 2018

ย My mind cannot retrace,

All of the things I’ve misplaced,

Staying a leg up – in this infinite cardiac race.

The memories I cannot contain,

At the utter of the name,

Of the lame who couldn’t tame the mane I’ve became.


Inevitably, I replay,

All the shit he used to say,

How his lips would part and the melodies would play.

Serenaded and swooned,

Amused and confused,

See I was the one whose ego would bruise.

This love cruise,

How the boat would sway.

Oh how damn good he was with the roles he played.

An Artist, the best in his craft,

For years this cruise would last,

And then ,

Theyโ€™d ask why Iโ€™m so quick to spazz,

Not knowing I wasnโ€™t fast,


I guess I never could be ,

See I assumed I was being courted;

Naive to the fact he was a clown impersonating a King.

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