I place my hips upon his boat and slowly I row, Thatโ€™s why I didnโ€™t notice, I was bouncing on my toes, On the lap of the Captain, Naive I didnโ€™t know. That,experience he lacked, So far far away we had sailed, My man couldnโ€™t navigate back. & The waves began to rise, I felt under attack, Without a doubt knowing, No worries, The Captain, He got the map. But, See he prepared to jump the ship , Mutually feelings we donโ€™t share. Prematurely I express, The sandbags weighing on my chest, Because I thought my best, ….. Friend would … Continue reading Selfish


No woman could replace, The orgasmic look upon his face, From the way that I tend to place, My forbidden fruit upon his face. It’s like our bodies passionately race, To the finish line so we can taste, All of the juice our session created, He loves the way that I taste. For my ego, I don’t have to stroke, My sex game is beyond dope. & He loves the way I ride, I can give a fck about his pride, No other woman can deliver the experience, That my waterfall provides. Continue reading Cleanse