Moore On Threesomes

I am writing this strictly for the sexually mature and honest.

As a Bisexual woman, I believe three is only a crowd for certain couples.

From my personal sexual experiences, threesomes can do more than spice up your connection. It can lead to way more communication, allow you both to explore a new form of intimacy, increase your confidence, encourage vulnerability in your relationship, and activate your sacral.

If there are existing trust issues they must be healed first or a threesome will create a huge blockage in your relationship.

Now if you are thinking of having a threesome, here are some things you MUST do:

  • Get tested. You, your partner, and your potential. For C-19 and all other STIโ€™s & STDโ€™s. Be sure to verify all results before engaging.
  • If there is no potential in mind at the beginning, make sure the woman or man is attractive to both you and your partner.
  • Protection for your erection is on your discretion just make sure you get that thang tested. After! Be as safe as possible though, a threesome baby is a doozie.
  • Have a very open and honest conversation with your partner about your expectations and sexual insecurities. Create some boundaries around the bedroom. Is kissing allowed? Do you want to watch first? Do you want a turn with the potential partner alone then together? Whatโ€™s the debrief process? Do you all converse after? Is this other person allowed to shower? Are you offering meal and water? Like go all the way there before bringing a third party in. PLEASE!
  • Know that each person is their own and you really should be f*cking and not thinking! Donโ€™t let insecurity about whatโ€™s happening after with your partner and the potential later on kill you! For what? If there is trust established between you and your partner you both should be able to speak with the third as adults after! Do not be weird! Talk to your partner before about how you both should behave with the third party after sex.
  • Dress to impress the hell out of yourself! This is your time to dress up and go crazy aesthetically. Lace, feather, glitter, etc etc.
  • Sex toys? Lube? Music? Candles? What you doing? Whatโ€™s the room feeling like?
  • Remember the third party is a human and should continue to be treated as such regardless of how slutty you all behave. Be sure to either NDA or have an extremely solid agreement established that you all are either seeking one time or continuous relations. Ask how they feel after because feedback matters lol.
  • When the third party leaves, clean and disinfect. Change your sheets, wash up, Sage, and stretch. Even if you are drunk, do not allow the energy to linger.
  • Do not drink or eat too much before because all the movement will have you throwing up after throwing it back.

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To whomever itโ€™s for, I hope it helps.

To Moore of your freak on.

Orisha Sevyn



I place my hips upon his boat and slowly I row,

Thatโ€™s why I didnโ€™t notice,

I was bouncing on my toes,

On the lap of the Captain,

Naive I didnโ€™t know.

That,experience he lacked,

So far far away we had sailed,

My man couldnโ€™t navigate back.

& The waves began to rise,

I felt under attack,

Without a doubt knowing,

No worries,

The Captain,

He got the map.


See he prepared to jump the ship ,

Mutually feelings we donโ€™t share.

Prematurely I express,

The sandbags weighing on my chest,

Because I thought my best,

….. Friend would never test,


But now I have to accept,

That Iโ€™ve been in this by myself ,

He knew my fear was to drown,

But he only saved his fucking self.



Shaped like a smiley face

Perky titties

Curvy waist

Sweet as a Jasmine

Imagine the taste

Her silhouette

So poised & graced

Softest woman alive

Ask any member of my tribe

Seductively I sway

Fluffy thighs

Where they lay

Tested my treasured water

Baptize his sins away



No woman could replace,

The orgasmic look upon his face,

From the way that I tend to place,

My forbidden fruit upon his face.

It’s like our bodies passionately race,

To the finish line so we can taste,

All of the juice our session created,

He loves the way that I taste.

For my ego,

I don’t have to stroke,

My sex game is beyond dope.

& He loves the way I ride,

I can give a fck about his pride,

No other woman can deliver the experience,

That my waterfall provides.

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