Highest Self Esteem

I use to be a creep,

Running the streets late at night like a cheat.

Until Spirit showed me why I shouldnโ€™t bite their hand when I wanna eat.

Got me grounded and swept my dumb ass off my naive feet.

Put me back on the plane, without a doggy treat.

Tail between my legs, knowing karma was about to feast.

Hot as hell and on fire from the lesson.

Thatโ€™s why I started hosting all these sessions.

To stop a lot of yโ€™all from killing your progression.

That sneaky link energy puts you in the darkest section.

See I learned that I should be loved out loud and in public.

Being the other one and sometimes it ainโ€™t even another woman.

Had love at home but was outside cuminโ€™.

Crying crocodile tears when my ex got his one in.

Cut the bullshit with the butter knife and set me free.

Over the ego and now it can be what it shall be.

I hope you learned for you but take it from me,

Stay yo ass out of third parties,

The ride ainโ€™t never ever free.


It Was Like That Scene In The Lion King

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I was being held over a cliff watched by a group of my peers. Across the sky I could see my ancestors in the clouds so vividly.

My peers were all wearing pink and holding white flowers to represent the love and abundance I was being granted access to from this sacred ceremony.

Holding me was my Higher Self in her finest glory. Behind her was my oldest ancestor whom I knew little about. Her image grayed out as to keep her identity a secret but the intense energy she was a blind man could see.

Being held high for that long made me anxious and I could feel a shift coming. Before I could take another breath I was gracefully handed off to the air. Flowing in downward slow motion, I quickly landed in the middle of my peers.

I didnโ€™t hit the ground or have anything to catch my fall. I came to a swift halt 7 inches from the ground and levitated in air.

I was now wondering if I would be trampled.

I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer.

As soon as opened them, I was sitting on a throne.

Healthy, happy, and humble as I had successfully navigated another dark knight of the soul.

I am so grateful for the prophetic dreams Iโ€™ve been experiencing.

Gratitude to the Most High for the gift of seeing beyond the shadows and through the stars.


April 2022 DF & DM Spiritual Guidance

Hi beautiful!

Welcome to your Spiritual Guidance for the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine collective.

This reading will resonate for the month of April 2022.

Take what resonates for you and leave what does not.

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Orisha Sevynโ€™s Planetary Alignment:

Sagittarius Rising

Libra Sun & Moon

Virgo Venus

Divine Feminine

Now is the time to speak up and expose how courageous you are.

You are under Judgement for the lies, deceptions, or manipulation within a third party situation with an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) or a Scorpio.

Te lesson here is to learn to speak honestly, vulnerably, and less dramatically.

Emotionally, you are transforming.

There are some disappointing thoughts or communications you must sort through before you are ready to be released from cycle.

This โ€œsilent as a rockโ€ energy is giving you enlightenment and a reality check all at the same time.

How are you going to redeem yourself and redefine your life?

Numbers 744 and 91 are synchronicities from the Universe confirming you are honoring your intuitionโ€™s direction.

How the Universe communicates with you is shifting so be alert and aware of things, people, and places which resonate with you.

Be sure to remember the date, deep breathe, stretch, pray, and journal to maintain grounding through this fire energy.

Downloads are coming in so expect ear ringing as the Spiritual ascension symptom.

Your journey to enlightenment will come through a lot of lurking for information late at night while the world rests.

If you have a difficult time processing denial or receiving rejection, this month will create discomfort.

Do not dilute your self esteem in the experience of a delay or reroute.

What is love?

Well baby donโ€™t hurt me or yourself trying to define it.

Be ready to demonstrate how you express your love for self and others.

How creative and passionate are you about the people, places, and things you claim to love?

If there are any childhood wounds around communication or social groups, all should be made well by April 25th, 2022.

Best of luck Divine Feminine as you grow to Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity.

Divine Masculine

Hard work and forgiveness are major themes for you.

You are focused on your financial and personal goals while mastering the art of your lower self. Watch your impulses and aggression.

Liberate yourself of any traditions which no longer align with your lifestyle.

Time and energy management are important as you are moving through the month of April 2022.

โ€œRight! Right?โ€ Donโ€™t second your intuition because you are in your highest courage. Resistance is only fear trying to keep you from progressing!

Spiritually, youโ€™re being granted access to more perspective on situations youโ€™ve asked for clarity on for years.

Through these experiences powerful inner- standing should develop.

This is heavy shadow work energy so move wisely as the behaviors, energies, and actions done in the dark will be loud under the sun.

Pick which you believe in more:

Seeing is believing or it isnโ€™t always what it looks like?

Defining your belief here will dismantle a lot of illusions from your ego.

Numbers 111 and 242 are synchronicities from the Universe confirming you are honoring your intuitionโ€™s direction.

Continue to think back on conversations, ideas, and plans to cultivate proper adjustments to your energy and action plan.

Use your abundant energy on physical and emotionally activities through frustrating situations that will manifest to test you.

Immaturity and overindulgence are heavinesses lurking in the shadows so beware and be graceful.

Thereโ€™s a Divine Masculine energy from your past on social media that is serving their karma in your honor.

This person could be a Pisces sun, Taurus Moon, or Cancer Rising.

You are in a very high vibration and I encourage you to stand confidently aside your Divine Feminine energy through their transformation.

Divine timing is at play all aligned to your belief in yourself.

Do you believe you?

Be foolish in your joy but wise in your joints.

I hope this helps create Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity Divine Masculine as you move in love.

Both Divine Feminine & Masculine


Why do fools fall in love?

Numbers 34 & 43 are going to confirm this is for you!

โ€œWell I believe fools fall in love because they always trippin over the cliff.โ€ – Orisha Sevyn

Aries is represented by the Fool & the Emperor in traditional tarot. These are two very opposing energies.

The fool doesnโ€™t have alot of experience or resources but has the passionate energy to take risks.

The Emperor has the tools, information, and resources to take risks but can be stuck in his ways of energy.

In this season you have a choice to either be foolishly in control or a controlled fool.

Choose wisely.

Orisha Sevyn


Throat Baby : The Power of the Tongue.

Ahhhh, the throat chakra; my favorite one to be honest.

Itโ€™s where a lot of our power and blockages lie due to being silenced as children.

If at home, in school, and in your social circles you werenโ€™t given the space, privacy, emotional availability, and support to express yourself; you may struggle with public speaking, intimacy, and communication.

Thatโ€™s okay.

Healing the throat chakra requires a combination of being receptive to all forms of communication, usage of the honesty policy, actively speaking in high energy, creating healthy boundaries, some form of daily emotional release activity, and avoiding false expectations.

Knowing when to speak and when to only be spoken to is important.

No longer volunteering valuable information, saying things you do not mean, fighting for causes you know you donโ€™t believe in, and speaking lowly of self and others are baby steps to healing.

Our tone, volume, pitch, and word choice reveals how secure and healthy our throat chakras are.

Can you say the following loudly, with courage, and calmly?

โ€œI feel frustrated because Iโ€™m not able to fully express how what was said or done to me is influencing me.โ€

โ€œIโ€™m exhausted by the lack of reciprocity between us.โ€

โ€œI would like to speak to you on the phone or in person because texting is not conveying what I feel. I donโ€™t want to be misunderstood.โ€

โ€œI apologize about what I said. I was being immature because you said something to hurt me. I shouldโ€™ve informed you instead of being childish. Please forgive me. I need to do better at communicating my emotions.โ€

Yeah? No? Maybe so?

It could all be so simple to express, expose, and expand on how we felt and feel but since childhood weโ€™ve been through a lot of shit that made us insecure, cold, and silent.

Now that we are maturing into adults, unlearning our ghosting, gaslighting, and guilt mechanisms are vital to creating healthy connections and communication skills.

It is very unattractive in love, business, professionally, and familiarly to not be a person of your word, to lie because you canโ€™t live in your truth, or to avoid accountability by denial.

My throat chakra was blocked for years and I only started to heal it when I was wounded in love. The years of repressed emotions had me so overwhelmed that I lost my voice and my essence for a while. I fell silent to my insecurities and the courage within was gone.

Now that I am above slander, smearing, and ghosting without clear communication of our end; I feel so liberated and connected to my heart.

Express yourself, forreal forreal.

Stop letting other people speak for you.

Stop letting other people silence your beliefs.

Stop shutting up!

Stop going to bed filled with frustration.

Write, record yourself on camera, or confide in a trusted person but please, say something or you will explode from inside.

Youโ€™ll start to feel anxious, discouraged, uninspired, bitter, and depressed in your energy. Let go and itโ€™s not even about God.

Let go because life is too short to not tell us how you feel because I promise to somebody it matters.

So drink your tea and water, watch who you put in your mouth, change your toothbrush every 30 days, floss, and be the best throat baby you can be.

Talk to you later,

Orisha Sevyn



If it wasnโ€™t for my sister, I would be completely hopeless and insane.

Tryna contain these thoughts running through my brain.

Realizing some things between us will never be the same.

Ask and you shall receive, so why do I feel so plain?

Frustrated and confused.

Trust issues giving me the blues.

Waiting for the day I receive the truth and rude.

Until then, Iโ€™ll move on to conclude.

That this cycle is done but know Iโ€™m full of attitude.

So much gratitude for your progression, Iโ€™m just mad at you.

You know what they say,

Rome wasnโ€™t built in a day.

I love you openly and continue to pray.

That shorty youโ€™ll swing, in high vibration, my way.


Moore Hurt Feelings

I am a firm believer that we all can change.

I am also a firm believer that some of us lack the courage to handle the experiences that manifest to conquer said change.

Resistance, people pleasing, false expectations, inconsistency, and lack of trust in our intuition will continue to lead us down the road of self sabotage and low self esteem.

Iโ€™ve been there and the only person I can blame for all of the hurt feelings I navigated was myself.

I didnโ€™t have to please others, I chose to insecurely.

I couldโ€™ve been honest about what made me feel uncomfortable but I was afraid to show others how loud my voice was.

I didnโ€™t have to lie about who I was to kick it; I literally did not have to show up or accept the invitation.

I did not have to inflate the ego of others, I had to learn to exist in my own.

See, I didnโ€™t have to take that ex back, reconnect with that friend, loan that money out, or give that love. I chose to and sometimes that was a bad decision for myself.

Now that I have learned from the suffering of my own consequences, I am courageously doing what I need to to feel safe and secure.

Confidently glowing because who the hell gonโ€™ stop me now but me?

I move Moore out of my own way because no one ever hurt my feelings more than I did and Iโ€™m so sick of that heartache sh*t.

I choose to be happy and aware of how to protect myself from Moore hurt feelings.

Orisha Sevyn


Self Sabotage

I no longer sabotage myself.

I asked Spirit to remove people from my life who were no longer for me and the silence that rang from my phone was loud.

Contacts I thought would be so lively at this point in my career are dead.

Family, friends, and lovers alike fall in the shadows of the past; with love.

The impulse to reach out for attention of habit was the most difficult issue my ego had to digest.

Each time a phone call went unanswered or plans rejected, I was sent into deep reflection.

Questioning the value, credibility, and intimacy of the connection.

Did I really care at all?

To be honest, I didnโ€™t.

In the past my ego got the best of me but not this time.

There are other sources that deserve my attention.

I no longer push when the past pulls.

I stopped creating false expectations.

The lies I told myself could no longer be recited as I had grown bored with the drama and inconsistency.

I feel no way that I wonโ€™t satisfy shallow promises made naively before all truth was revealed.

If we no longer align, itโ€™s just not our time.

The present is the only gift I open.

I let go of history.

It is no longer my pleasure to be of discomfort for the sake of others who only want me for the benefit of themselves.

I send you Moore love as I heal in peace.

Orisha Sevyn โ™ฅ๏ธ


Moore Clarity Through Confidence

Confidence is not the ๐Ÿ”‘ , clarity is.

Confidence can drive us many places, into powerful opportunities, and ignite creative action but the key to navigating this Spiritual journey is clarity.

Confidence provides access to the energy to feel empowered as we move forward with courage.

Clarity gives that guiding light pulling you closer to thoughts, dreams, and realities which awaken our inner child. A time when our dreams and hopes were free to take full advantage of. Energetically clarity provides relief.

When clarity comes, the fear and pressure rises because we have to make decisions against who we thought we were; ego.

Clarity kills confusion, delusion, and all self betrayal. With clarity we are able to perceive our own reality with so much more authority.

I encourage you to be confident in your ability to honor your intuition but be very clear with your communication.

If you are unclear, unsure, or insecure in your ability to clearly analyze, reflect, and decide, then there is so much Moore of this Spiritual journey that may exhaust you.

Confidence is the key to the door of clarity.

Because do you have the courage to clearly communicate the vision you really want to bring to life?

Or are you confident in your fear?

Moore things to think about.

Orisha Sevyn


Moore Premonitions – 2/2022

For the month of February 2022, here are a few manifestations you can expect within your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and around the collective energies.

โƒ A lot of Leo, Earth sign, & Pisces energy will be felt so focus on your: courage, growth, and dreams.

โƒ Material and Spiritual prosperity within your home life.

โƒ Isolation and introspection as we are healing from childhood wounds.

โƒ Reconnection with old friends and distant family through April 2022.

โƒ Detaching from codependent behaviors, obsessive thoughts, and fears around self sufficiency.

โƒ Faith based experiences because a lot is to be exposed but not at this time. Trust in the process and continue to develop yourself.

โƒ Deep emotional transformation and release of connections that no longer make you feel, anything.

โƒ Business owners: within two days or weeks of this message, two to four opportunities to shift your stability are coming in. Business loss and discontent with clientele will receive an intense shock of attraction if you are in high vibration. By April 1, 2022 there should be new services and experiences due to this income or resource. Congratulations!

โƒ Divine timing is at play for Air signs and the changes that are coming in require letting go of more material items. Broken, loss, or damaged items will be replaced, let go.

โƒ Coparenting should be easier for those who were in relationships anytime from 2009 to 2019. Best of luck on your realignment.

โƒ Recall your sexual power, remove porn, and explicit content from your practice. Dive deeper into your insecurities around intimacy and explore your imagination.

โƒ More men will rise to Spirituality by July 2022.

โƒ Women in Taurus and Cancer energy professional careers will be the first to walk into rich this year.

Taurus, Libra, and Aries; congratulations!

โƒ Mental health issues this month will be rooted around boredom and emotional dissatisfaction. Find ways to increase your interest throughout the day to trigger inspiration.

โƒ More black car purchases.

โƒ Chicago residents between King Drive to Pulaski could experience black outs at the most inconvenient hours.

โƒ Attraction of more resources, programs, and tools over printed money.

Donโ€™t say I didnโ€™t mention it!

Orisha Sevyn ๐Ÿ˜˜


A Moore Story: #1

I closed my eyes and instantly felt chills run down my spine.

The warm feeling of my bedroom now felt like the crisp breeze on an early October morning. 

I took three deep breaths to keep myself grounded because at times, I levitated. 

As the hairs on the back of my neck began to rest, I couldnโ€™t stop the light tremble in my hands.

My adrenaline started to rush and I could hear everything around me.

I was fully connected to my Higher Self and the yellow lights now shining so brightly upon my closed eyes confirmed this.

I began to slowly move around in circles and hear a soft whisper calling me to clear my mind.

I saw myself cross the threshold into my Spiritual abyss where all was revealed.

From a meditative state, I saw my Spirit shift into the air as I transformed into a beautiful fairy.

Blue and white dotted wings slowly merged from my back painlessly as my body shrunk into miniature size.

I giggled and flew higher and higher as my voice started to squeak with each ascension.

Admiring the vision of my physical temple still drift further away, I slipped through the roof and was instantly thrown into a deep blue sea of bubbles.

As I submerged into the emerald colored space, the bubbles tickled my fancy and I couldnโ€™t deny how much joy rang from my now high pitch voice.

From a fairy to a mermaid, I swam deeper until I found the treasure chest.

Wings shifting into gills, tiny feet into fins, and my braided bun now flowing so elegantly down my pink tail; I received everything I needed without asking.

The closer I got to the gold, the louder my heartbeat in my ears.

Triggering my fears of drowning, of being lost, and of not finding anything valuable after coming this far; I gulped hard and pushed past the rush.

I swam faster against my insecurities and reached for the chest, which became a ground once I touched it.

Now on my two feet in the wild, I could only see my lime green painted toes covered in dirt.

Only focused on my feet, I was walking by faith for I saw nothing else but my stability.

The experiences before and behind me were hidden and my internal guidance compelled me to just keep walking because all was well.

With nothing else in sight, I heard wind chimes faintly singing my name.

The voice was so loving and made me feel so excited to finally reach my next destination.

Inspired to walk with more grace knowing I was being protected, even without ever seeing it, I knew I was chosen.

That someone, something, some source of energy, somewhere was following me the entire time ensuring my safety and persistence through every battle I fought.

Distracted by my thoughts, I slipped into a sinkhole right before the finish line.

I heard a crowd scream โ€œawwwโ€ in disappointment as I had come so far and lost sight of the objective.

Falling into a chair chained by the feet and with dirty hands behind my back, the transparent blindfold confused me.

I was able to see right through but held bound at the same damn time.

No voice to shout for help, low energy from the journey to here; I called upon my higher self and like that, she appeared!

Laughing so freely as if this was all a game to her.

See it was.

She knew all along I would end up here.

This was an intervention.

She knew I needed her.

She wanted to see if I had the courage to call upon her and ask.

She kissed my forehead and untied me as we walked back into the classroom, hosting all of my peers who were too learning to honor their intuition. 

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Obsessed with the kid, so he asked me what I did.

Being so honest, I was born with this fizz.

No need to hide how I feel when he had me open I was his.

Said we would be a happy family, with a nice house, and a few kids.

Well we both went our way so the story has changed.

Hopefully he learned his lessons because Iโ€™m sick of delays.

Staying full of hope and happy because I know how hard I prayed.

Redefining my boundaries because in the past I played.

Afraid to be who I really was at the core.

Swimming in shallow water with the collective knowing damn well I was Moore.

Released my codependency and moved on to calmer shore.

When they ask who she is, I want them to feel โ€œJasmine Mooreโ€.

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