The Moore Experience: Pregnancy

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and I’ve been reflecting on the past few weeks and comparing it to my first pregnancy with my first daughter, six years ago.

I was 21 years old, enrolled in six classes, working a PT and FT job. My life was fully booked and I didn’t really get to fully bask in the journey of pregnancy. I wasn’t able to dedicate the time I would’ve liked to fully bonding with my baby and learning about my body during this time.

This time around, I am 27 years old and my life circumstances are all totally different; leaving me enough time, space, and energy to indulge in the experience. Each pregnancy is different and this one of the two has been way more intense; emotionally and physically.

I delivered my first daughter via c-section and I received an epidural. She was 6 days late and doctor intervention is the reason I was forced to have a c-section. This pregnancy, I am so much more aware of my body and am aiming to deliver vaginally.

I’ve learned overtime the benefits of living a more holistic lifestyle and relying on herbal and home remedies to cure illnesses and pain. I stopped taking aspirin in 2013 and started doing yoga and eating healthier to increase my wellness.

I am planning to carry this baby until whatever date I go into labor, as long as she passes stress test and it doesn’t become a health risk to either one of us. Through this pregnancy experience I’ve learned my body and know more about it than doctors. I am following my feelings and allowing natural child birth to happen for how many days it needs to.

Even though she wasn’t planned, I am ready to bring another spirit into this dimension. Motherhood has been the best chapter of my womanhood. Bonding and nurturing another human is an experience unlike any other and I am eager to meet her.

I am exactly where I should be and this blessing has only brought me to my greatest sense of awareness. My intimate relationships have grown and the amount of love and support is so appreciated. I am getting everything I desire this pregnancy and know there is so much Moore in store for my family and I.

18 weeks to go before I meet my newest addition to our family. LJK, we are eager and excited to meet and love on you! See you in a few months.


Week 21

It’s a beautiful baby girl!

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I confirmed the sex of our beautiful bundle of joy and not to our surprise; it’s a girl!

I previously shared the emotionally conflicting beginning of this journey and quickly stopped when I realized I was misdiagnosed; followed by a huge emotional loss we suffered.

Through these past few weeks, I’ve taken a break from blogging to gather myself and heal through the loss my boyfriend and I suffered during this pregnancy.

Now that I am in better spirit, emotionally and spiritually, I am back and better with so much content and creativity to express.

My bulging baby bump is 21 weeks today and is due October 4th.

The amount of love and support I’ve received during this journey has made my heart full! This pregnancy was unexpected and the first 18 weeks threw me for an extreme emotional loop but we are healthy and we are here!

I am so grateful to be surrounded my genuine love and support because pregnancy is intense yet emotionally fulfilling.

I’ve transformed abundantly through the past 20 weeks and ask that Beloved continues to be present to guide me through this journey.

I want to thank you all for still showing my blog love during my absence and for allowing me the space and time to nurture myself at this moment.

Peace & Much Love.


Bee Moore Babies

Pregnancy Update for 3/1/2019

Written on 3/2/2019

Week 9

Since my last check in a lot of things have changed.

I am no longer itching to death from Hives. They have gone away and I am now dealing with the dry skin patches left behind. I would say I have about 50 little polka dot sized spots from the back of my neck to my knees.

From blood work, my Vitamin D was lower than average and I’ve been prescribed Vitamin D pills to take daily for 60 days. I immediately felt the increase in energy after taking the first one. I am starting to feel a little more like myself. However, walking through the mall for 30 minutes still feels like I ran a marathon.

From blood work, it has been confirmed that I am pregnant with TWINS. Blood work has also confirmed the chromosomes of the baby and I will keep the gender under wraps until a later update. (Smile)

I am technically, 9 weeks but since I am having Twins, I will be delivering the twins via C section during week 37 or 38 per the doctors order. This is very common and at first I was afraid due to my first experience but my emotional and physical support system has created a sheet of comfort.

I am due to graduate with my MBA in Human Resources Management on August 4th, 2019 but depending on how heavy my stomach is, I will miss the ceremony. I already feel like I’m carrying about 5 pounds in the front already and they are only the size of blueberries lol.

I want to publicly express how supportive the Father of my children has been. He has been here every time I call and is providing the strength I need to get through this. He has been my best friend and a shoulder to scream and cry on when needed. He has catered to all of my cravings and stood firm in the storm of mood swings. Our love continues to grow with my belly. I am truly in love with you Sir and I am honored to carry your children.

I just want to express how much I appreciate him to the world because I would be an emotional wreck without his love and encouragement.

Thank you!

Twins are truly a gift from Beloved and I continue to express how I feel Chosen. My Spiritual journey has taken a drastic turn and none of this was in my plans but they say that life is full of surprises. This pregnancy was a surprise and Twins doubled that element. I am pleasantly surprised at how Beloved is leading the way to abundance for me.

Beloved, I am ready for this journey and I ask for everyone to keep us in your prayers. I am anticipating delivering my healthy – beautiful bundles of joy during Virgo season. Their father is a Virgo and my Venus is in Virgo.

Since I stopped trying to control my destiny, the Universe has swept me off of my feet.

I am absolutely flying on love.

Until next update.



Pregnancy Update



2:59 PM

Pregnancy has been a very intense process for me so far. I’m still dealing with the hives. They aren’t as swollen and red but they are for sure causing more discomfort this week. I’ve started using Aveeno’s Anti Itch formula along with their Baby Eczema Formula but some days, the itch is overpowering.

My face is breaking out in areas which are making me very insecure. My lips are back to feeling like they are on fire and I feel like I have a mustache of fire.

My breast are swollen and filling out. I cannot tolerate wearing a bra because the straps cause my skin to react.

I am exhausted by every action I participate in. I’m nauseous by the slightest scent. The smell of juice could ruin my entire day; my favorite juice at that.

I am 7 weeks pregnant this week and boy oh boy, this must be a boy lol.

The journey with my daughter was so much more subtle and easy. I experienced morning sickness and that was really it. I literally feel like a different woman and they did advise that this pregnancy would be so different due to my age and other factors.

Saturday, February 16th, 2019 – was the last day I felt normal. I was up early, cleaning, blasting music by by 4pm, BOOM, pregnancy humbled my mood. I feel like I have about 1 normal feeling day a week now and I take full advantage of it. At this point, I have to keep reminding myself that I am no longer that normal woman; I am preparing to procreate with the Universe so my body has to change in these drastic forms.

I’ve been having extreme cravings and if not satisfied, I feel nauseous and cannot eat anything but what I craved. Of course, this leads me to crying because being pregnant and hungry creates a different type of hangry.

I’m projecting to deliver on my birthday, October 7th, 2019 (according to an ultrasound), so that means I have 231 days left. According to my research, most of what I’m experiencing is normal and may only last for the next 7 weeks.

Transformation is a mental, physical, and emotional journey and I feel the brick of right now.

Please pray for me. I am a pregnant, emotional woman, begging the hormone Gods to have mercy on me.

I am ready for this journey and ask for strength as I weave in and out of the woo’s of pregnancy.




Call me HormonaLisa!


That allergic reaction I mentioned last week, is HIVES.

A normal reaction to hormonal change during pregnancy.

This was not a symptom I experienced my first pregnancy and I would have to say, it is by far the most uncomfortable of any I’ve experienced.

Sadly, I have to wait for them to clear on their own and from my understanding and research, they can disappear as soon as next week and remain as long as post pregnancy.

Thanks Hormones!

Another GREAT update; that 14 weeks announcement was… well at this point premature.

My period being absent since November, again, a hormonal reaction to LIFE miscalculated my actual pregnancy and due date.

I had an ultrasound today and it’s confirmed that I am about 6-7 weeks, meaning I won’t be delivering until the week of September 29 – October 5th, 2019.

My 28th Birthday is October 7th, 2019.

Happy EARLY Birthday to myself.

The Universe has a plan for me and I’m starting to understand the purpose of this journey more and more; I am not in control, life is full of surprises, and patience.

Today was not one of my best days but thanks to my Daughter, my Sister, and the Love of My Life / Child’s Father …… It’s ending with a hardcore feeling of love and appreciation.

I am ready for the journey of motherhood, again.

I am ready to Co-create with the Universe through the next 8 months.

I am grateful for my support system.

I am grateful for love.

I am happy to Bee.

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