Poem: 2/26/2020

February 26th, 2020

Published at 1:16 PM on 3/1/2020


Sometimes, I can be a bitch.

Itโ€™s only exposed when I hit the switch.

& Itโ€™s not likely I flip it but the decision to, is quick.

As soon as the light is on, it all suddenly clicks.

That I have the ability to choose & the bitch in me, is not it.

The beautiful flower I choose to pick.

To some of you, that one you missed.

It all lies in the letters, that when combined.

They help us build the words we finally find.

As we continue to develop our vocabulary, our form of expression begins to shine.

But we have to learn to not fear the vibration that we exude when itโ€™s time.

To perform because sometimes I will.

I know itโ€™s toxic but I feel complete thrill.

Tingles running down my spine; it gives me chills.

Shivering with intense passion, do you even know how that feels?

It feels like the transition from the ground to take off on a flight.

Like floating freely in the wind, like a vibrant kite.

& Sometimes, I am not right.

But I left that on the other side.

Because for so long I inflated my pride.

But when I can feel the brewing of an experience that will tug on my eyes.

In the past I use to run, but now, there is honestly no reason to hide.

Because I did what I did with intention.

Determining if thatโ€™s good or bad, all depends on your position.

Sometimes we have to stop talking & honestly listen.

For the subtle signs, because weโ€™re so fucking loud, we keep on missing.


Photo credit: Jasmine K. Moore


9 of Wands

I’m so happy that we’ve completed another chapter.

Now entering a season where we can celebrate our victories and engage in hearty laughter.

This passion is so intense and at this point, I’m so convinced.

That Beloved is giving me what I wished; an opportunity that cannot be missed.

I would be a fool to let you pass, praying that we grow together and our love can last.

So use to the painful crash, learning to forgive myself for some of the decisions of my past.

So thank you for making it clear, that this is indeed the same direction you want to steer.

Can I be the one you come home to? The one you never let go of my Dear?

Leaning to release any fear, that causes me to tear; devastated if again, I could never hear,

The baritone vibrations of your voice that feel my body with cheer.

Pure happiness and bliss, couldn’t sleep at night because of memories which make me sick.

In my ego, I almost drowned, feeling insecure I screamed it loud, because deep in my heart I was always proud.

To be the energy filling your heart and now the mother of your child.

Photographer: Shelby Cherie

Email: freelycherie@gmail.com

Instagram: @_.yungyin

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