The wheel of fortune is in my hand

Had to understand to inner stand

As I move closer to finally aligning with my Divine plan

I demand.

Your undivided attention

I suggest that you actually listen

There will be no silencing or dismissing

Itโ€™s hot as hell in this kitchen

But itโ€™ll cool if you shut the fuck up and listen

When I tell you that , that Gold shit is shiny but baby does it glisten?

Dishonoring my intuition

Continued to put me in a karmic position

So now that I finally mustered the courage to change my disposition

Call me the High Priestess but you can hold the Religion.

Spiritual God Mother

Healing the karma of my mother

As I try to bring along my brother

From the heaviness that lies under.

The sacred path

Iโ€™ve finally arrived at, at last

Mastering the essential skills to penetrate this task

The basic respect of my temple is the initial request that I ask.



Oh, it is I who is miserable?

But we can look at your physical,

& See how you are doing.

Deteriorating in size; heโ€™s ruined.

He couldnโ€™t muster the courage to get through it.

So I had to get to it & move.

No need to spew lies, look at his home, there lies the truth,

Hoarding more than secrets, rats through the walls & roof,

Confined to his own facade but nah baby, we know the truth.

Sheltered as a child, so itโ€™s clear why heโ€™s so wild,

I feel so sorry for his child,

Hoping she rejects his style,

Because his fashion is not aligned,

A man of integrity, thatโ€™s just not his kind,

Canโ€™t even afford to wine & dine,

But wants me to soothe him & he whines his time.

Fuck you, leave my presence,

Away with you devil,

I forbid your essence.

Such a blessing the lesson,

Friends w/ benefits, karmic testing,

Itโ€™s finally cleared, there will be no regression,

I ainโ€™t tryna expose him , this is just my open ended confession.



Discouraged in my heart,

I feel like this facade is falling apart,

All I wanted to do was to be admired like art,

I guess it was only window shopping,

I wasnโ€™t even apart of the cart.

Now itโ€™s so easy for me to play my part,

Not sure if ima finish but Iโ€™m disheartened at the start,

Trying to move in wisdom, since experience made me smart.

Iโ€™m saving the best parts for myself,

So carefully placed on the shelf,

Emotionally not in the best health,

Manifesting healing and Spiritual wealth.

Oh how I do declare,

That this treatment isnโ€™t fair,

My heart, Beloved refuses to spare,

Caught off guard so excuse me if I stare.

Finally at a place, where my mind detours from the race,

Moving confidently in grace,

Maybe itโ€™s time I take some space.


Self Esteem Saturday

On Saturdays, we show how confident we are.

On this Saturday, I will post a picture of myself where I feel my most beautiful, secure, and sexy.

Photographer: Shelby Cherie


Instagram: @_.yungyin


Shelby Cherie

Photography by: Shelby Cherie



Almost 14,000 Views!

I want to say how grateful I am for your constant support throughout this journey! I have been absent recently because I am half way through my pregnancy but the support has been consistent.

As of today, I have 13,989 views; tipping 14,000 for the year of 2019 already and I am STILL overwhelmed by your feedback and appreciation of my artistic expression.

I have revamped my entire blog and now have added:

  • Intuitive Energy Readings (Libra Sun, Libra Moon, Ascendant Sagittarius, and Virgo Venus).
  • Photography of myself.
  • Self Care Tips for the seven days of the week.
  • A page to add daily rants and thoughts.
  • A page for each of my daughters; filled with tips and experiences.
  • Other artistic projects created by myself.

I would like to also extend a huge thank you to my 271 followers. I apologize about my absence but my passion has been re-ignited and I have so much content to deliver!

Happy feeling.

Happy reading.

Welcome to the Moore Experience.


Shelby Cherie


All photography on the blog is done by Shelby Cherie.

Located in Chicago, IL.

Contact Information for booking and inquiries: for inquiries.



Contact for booking and inquiries.


Juniverse Mas

I want to thank you all for coming

Here I am in the flesh

Shining glory

I hope you all enjoy my Spiritual Story

I am bringing more passion every day

So fans, don’t worry.

Thank you for the support and energy you all are showing!

Photographer: Shelby Cherie | Contact Email: for rates and booking.



Here I share my beauty 

A Spiritual Delicacy

Third Dimensional Cutie

I share my passion with the world

3,600 Views as of today

So the world deserves

To see the beautiful face

Creating all of these painfully poetic beautiful words. 



5:20 PM


Self Love Sunday

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