Some day I hope you read this message It’ll be mailed to you directly You know it’s highly suggested That anything you have to speak on You should just go ahead and express it Release the feeling of egg shell It cracks louder the harder you press it So I miss you but this is fate Stood in the rain Drenched as long as I could take Something that felt so authentic Turned out to be so fake I’m so in love with my decision To leave this cycle & drift away. Continue reading

I’m vibin’ so high I can see the top of the world Love swirled Toes curled Manifested the world For myself I’m a big gurl I made the decision To grant myself full permission To enjoy everything I envisioned Hopes and dreams The finer Spiritual things The energy & synchronicities Increasing the magic and mystery Of how Divine my destiny truly is I prayed for the days to be beyond tears For years I held back on this here power No longer will I allow them To disrespect the Soul I’ve become The past me is over and done Win … Continue reading