Mastering all the past, now that I see it so clear,

Standing firm to my redefined boundaries,

Being very cautious with whom I let near.

Oh my Dear, I must steer,

Away from anything heavy & that triggers my fear,

Now that I am alone, I feel so much cheer,

Regardless of how you feel, I will never say what you want to hear.

A mere Divine in her form,

For your ego validation, I will not conform,

Insulted, at your consistent feeling of torn,

I guess now that the truth is revealed,

Itโ€™s only right I truthfully inform.

All, that a chapter has closed,

I do not care where you see me pictured and posed,

From the source herself, myself I chose,

I belong to no one and thatโ€™s how this story really goes.

Currently, no masculine by my side,

For the love of my Beloved, I still withhold my pride,

As I continue to go Hermit to decipher the truth from the lies,

He said he didnโ€™t deserve me but that was absolutely no surprise.

All rise.


๐•„๐• ๐• ๐•ฃ๐•– ๐•„๐• rn๐•š๐•Ÿ๐•˜ ๐•‹๐•™๐• ๐•ฆ๐•˜๐•™๐•ฅ๐•ค

Do you ever think about who you are?

Not who you think you are in your thoughts.

Not who you or what resonate with.

Not the spirit or human you were in the photos you often resort to for comfort.

Do you ever think about who you are, right now?

In this waking moment, if a complete stranger were to approach you and ask,

โ€œHey, who are you?โ€

Would you take offense and ask about the audacity of this stranger?

Would you impulsively blurt out adjectives that shallowly depict who you are?

Would you be confused as to how to respond because right now you donโ€™t know who you?

Ask me,

โ€œWho are you?โ€

Iโ€™ll simply respond, I am you.

I am all of you that you see in me.

I am a collective individual.

Independently my own spirit, aligned with my Divine mission, while still a mere mortal sharing the same experiences and energies as you.

I am no higher or lower.

We are not equals, we are all aligned.

To the Sun on this Day…

Expose yourself.

Who are you?

Do you ever consider that?


Wish Fulfilled

I traveled across the coast,

Connected to the Holy Ghost,

So now I raise my glass,

& toast, to my victory.

California was so beautiful,

& I’m sure she felt it was mutual,

But my mutual did not think the same.

See, I guess my angelic presence continued to wreck his brain.

Resistant to the healing change, I was.

So I flew back to the city that made me feel shy.

To a feeling I thought was home,

But through experience I cannot deny.

That the Jacuzzi it once felt like,

Now left me feeling dry,

So when I was asked to remove my belongings,

I wiped my eyes & crossed the sky.

Now, on a throne,

Next to a King,

Who continues to make my heart sing,

I can finally see the engagement.

Ring, because I went through 3 rounds of intense karma.

So I planted my seeds like the noble farmer.

No longer the heaviness do I harbor.

Because now I swim across the showers of love with no condition,

Openly offering my cup; honoring my own intuition.

With the slight shift in disposition,

Like the psychic I am, I really listen,

As I align with my Divine Masculine,

Through hazel crystals that are no longer afraid to be exposed to glisten.



Confined to my own mental prison.

Mentally conflicted by my past ego decisions.

Intuition screaming loud, but at the time I didn’t listen.

It was getting hot as Hell,

& I’d removed myself from the Universe’s kitchen.

No longer seeking external permission,

To my higher self, I continue to listen.

No longer moving in fear, I brought it to my own attention.

Regret brewing from those wishes,

Not even wishing I didn’t wish it,

From personal experience I finally get it,

We don’t know what we can no longer handle,

Until we ultimately have to live it.

So I started reaching high,

My internal power I no longer could deny.

Why run when I could fly?

Truly in love, that I could not deny.


10:17 AM

It’s nobody’s fault but my own

For whom I’ve allowed into my heart & into my home

In the past, in fear of being called shallow or simply just being alone,

Through constant cycles of Karma,

I finally conquered & now I’m resting upon my throne.

Releasing all the ties,

Created on envy & open lies.

Realizing how truly kind & Divine,

I could’ve been,

If I just followed my first mind,

To act on my intuition & save myself some time,

From being shackled to identities that never truly defined.

Me, free from all of the rest,

Hermit mode is when I act upon my best.

Effortlessly, I passed the test,

Now Jupiter retrograde is rendering abundance

Did I mention I was blessed?


12:41 PM

Oh baby watching you transform

Is another type of soft porn

This subtle form

Of resisting to conform

So cold but fcking warm

Heavily I’m swooned

My heart he’s swarmed

Grab his arm and represent

From the Spiritual gate

I’m sent

Undefeated no one has me beat

Because my skills are so eccentric

So intimated by the glow

But still feigning to get near it

Dangerous bomb

His child

Me, Mom

So chaotic yet so calm

So put your number on my palm

So melodic to wiggle him out his underwear I charm

& Mister I don’t mean no harm

Been watching you from afar

Shades off staring directly at the star

So close yet so far

Chokolate, can you hop in my car?

So we can drive far

For you I raise the bar

Staring at you so zoned out, the world around you is completely marred.


1 0 1 1

I stand in the mirror and smile

Man, my parents made a beautiful child

I hope you can stay for awhile

So I can break down the file

That contains all the miles

On his car

As I dash

Oh Jas

Jasmine if we not cool

I’m not even tryna be rude

But my overly Feminine attitude

Seduces the views

Words so misconstrued

Screwed him crazy

Sun kissed


The keys of my piano

He plays me

& Oh baby

I tend to say things

That make him rise

Hypnotized & disguised

9 of Cups energy

Consider myself the prize




Happy we’re in the same place

My position can not be replaced

To all the men who tried to chase

I no longer have the patience or the space

To be treated like a thing

My inner beauty is beyond your dreams

But physically

You seem to cling

I am the Divine Feminine

A Spiritual Queen

My heart has been fixed

Removing myself from the mix

Gracefully upon my throne

Sipping my tea of bliss



Creating a balance

Is no longer a challenge

In our humble palace

Creating intellectual magic

Spiritually getting lifted

No longer in the third dimension

To the cosmos we listen

& The stars so vividly they glisten

Nestled in his arms

Compelled by his charm

Locked lips

& Then arms

No resistance

No need for harm

Arch Juni marathon



Cast a spell

I will

Laying it on thick

Spiritual sex appeal

So intense

He canโ€™t help but feel

Acting all erratic

I know itโ€™s real

His feels

That he didnโ€™t wanna feel

But love came in

For the ego kill

Aligned my hearts desires

The marathon didnโ€™t make me tired

Climbing higher

Since Iโ€™m fire

Don’t get it twisted

Iโ€™m a lover

& a Fighter



We treat LOVE like a destinationย 

When in essence LOVE is a journey

Pouring into those who aren’t deserving

Making us feel drained and unworthy

& Then we move so fast

When it comes to digging into our feelings

We scurry

There’s so much fear in love

& That’s where we begin to worry

But from the pit of hellย 

I have been

Karmically cleared all of my sin

Ate all of my L’s

So fat on W’sย 

Get my weight up

& Continue to win

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