This time he said he was forreal

No more resisting

Falling into his feels

The magic is so surreal

Finally get to chill

He’s finally prepared to face his fears.

Because he’s in love with ya girl

Brought happiness into his world

If I’m a nut

Then he’s my squirrel

Emotional rollercoaster

Made him hurl.

Threw up all of the toxic

Hooked like a fish

Reel in the tropics

Finally neat

No longer sloppy

They photocopying

An electronic copy

My DNA is authentic

Heart planet

Physical fitness

It’s us against the world

You dummies didn’t get it

Everything I said

I really meant

Hypnotized beyond my eyes

My natural scent

Lil ole me he can’t forget

Waited for mine

This is finally it!



None of them value him for the magnitude of his gratitude

Say he’s super erratic

When they just don’t understand his attitude

The passion deep in him

They don’t have it

So their mad at dude

For genuinely being who he is

Because he declines every chance to prove

The man that he is

No proof for the pigs

No longer feasting on the twigs

Planting his seeds

Speaking kids

So we jumped off the cliff

Onto my carpet

Take a lift

Flying high into the clouds

Across the palace screaming loud

Finally I have found

Someone who resonates my heart sound.



His allies surrounded his flower

Preparing for attack

Unaware she was protected

The fences of their connection

Kept her grass apart

From the plastic green cover

They laid upon his past scorned lovers

Some of them he called brother

But after the information I delivered

It’s like they barely know each other

Some of them approached me kind of foul

Crossing sexual barriers no longer feeling proud

The sickness in them

They coughed out loud

The look of guilt that beaded across their brows

Because deep down he carries the truth

My physical form blows their mental roof

They were talking wild

Speaking loose

No secrets between us

He’s the Virgo

In my Venus

If I’m a Scientist

He’s a Genius

Earth & Air

Igniting the Water beneath us.



As above and below

What you reap is what you sow

Through all the shortcuts you go

The harder it is to grow

Because the journey you actually cheat

Messing with Karma

Here comes the heat

Sneaky vacation

A bitter retreat

The backfires of our actions

Render heavy feelings of defeat

Keep your intentions pure

Stand in faith

Be firm and secure

Put your foot on the gas

& Let Love be the fuel.



I’m like his silent “achoo”

Teenage Dream

Wish Come True

9 of Cups

Heart-knit glue

Still connected even through

The water of emotion

We tried to bottle

Until the top popped open

So many things we’ve left unspoken

But telepathically

I leave my gate open

For him to walk my golden path

To the doors made of pink glass

Was starting to shatter fast

But he’s the ball of glue

Rebuilt my cast

Elastic refined my form

Bendable body

Graceful form

Down the middle we were torn

Transformed the fire into form

Formulas of infinite fate

Physically shifting weight

My time has come

No need to wait

Right on time

Divine Timing is never late.



Finally I’ve overcome the feeling of defeat

Justice continues to leak from my pores

Her sweat smells bitter sweet

Should’ve remained humble

But I wanted to compete

With the woman I quickly outgrew

Heartbreak turned my wedding vows

Into something old & something blew

Manifesting all of my wildest dreams to come true

I am the magician and my life is the proof

So I continue to scream my verbs

Cannot do action without speaking words

I can careless of what was heard

But this genuine abundance I do deserve

Because of all the odds born against me

Maternal conflicting

Painted me to be so ugly

When I was already so pretty

Made up this fcking karma

No longer for the drama

Sometimes the illness is at the core

Mother Goose


Captain Father

No longer do I bother

From today I stand strong

My womanhood no longer wanders

I’ve nurtured myself through life

Freed myself from doing wrong

Walking forward toward the light

Historic cycles are now broke

Co-creating new foundations built on hope

Feeling high, not smoking dope

Singing mature so loud now

The glass houses finally broke

My family is now alive

Spiritually showtime

Because our forces are Divine

Now reading the book of love

& This chapter I’m naming MINE.



Push through your wounded past

The men who’ve tried you

The ego shots you’ve let past

The things left incomplete

The heavy burdens of defeat

You are no longer the boy from behind

Come into your power

It’s finally time



& Vibed

Our energy is beyond thee alive

Shatter the cycles of toxic shht

I’m sure it hasn’t been an easy fix

Together we can grow

The higher we’ll rise

From the more we let go

Blooming from our ego

No longer caring about these people

No one can stop us from our destiny

No one knows the things that we know.



This time is solely divine

Sitting gracefully

Adjusting my crown

Across the yonder they hear the sound

Of sheer joy because I’ve found

The core of my soul

I’ve finally gained control

Of abundance and it’s gold

So my laughters outta control.

Eyes glossy

Like my pair

My face sexily wears

So the spectators they stare

Because to my presence they cannot compare.



Blue Sapphire

New beginnings

No more facades behind my grinning

My intentions aren’t ill

No longer sinning

The Wheel of Fortune has turned

Time to collect all my winnings

Blessed from Beloved

& Baby I’m not above it

Warrior of love

Thanking the Highest for it

Experiences turned me pro

Working hard

But not a hoe

Down the halls of reconciliation

& It’s Love Galore.



Genuinely a King transitioning into his essence

Women of his past aligned perfectly with that path

Ultimate fulfillment wasn’t at the end

Truly naive to how to empower

Emotionally satisfy

Simply love

& Shower


Our physical temples were cloned through the other

Intertwined Spiritually

My faithful lover

Through the fire of Karma

I truly discovered

The one I truly loved

& the one I had to roll over

Flew free

To my comfort

Universe rendered an Ace of Pentacle

A Divine Do Over



Running my fingers through his beard

Releasing his tension and his fears

He never shed regretful tears

Celebrate our union

Screaming “Cheers!”

3’s Company was a crowd

I guess I exposed our truth prematurely loud

But fck it

I’m so proud

The holder of his heart

& We haven’t even taken vows.

Requested my services for the night

A little Juni to sleep tight

Didn’t think my intentions were right

Now our love has flourished

But it took a four year fight

So the past cycle is over

The Internet

Blasting ‘Come Over’

King born in August

& His Queen in October

So drunk in love

But my words severely sober!

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