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Here is a free Libra, Virgo, Leo, Capricorn, & Scorpio (sun, moon, rising, and Venus) reading for the Divine Feminine collective inner g.

Take it if itโ€™s for you, pass it along if it is not!

I wish you Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity.

Orisha Sevyn

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August is the eighth month of the year.

We celebrate the energy of Leo and at the end of the month, Virgo.

The number eight is a power number.

Eight represents:

Spiritual Power

Releasing & Letting go

Hard work


August is the month to:

  • Come into Spiritual power.
  • Indulge in rituals and routines that activate your Solar Plexus chakra as you move through this bold Leo energy.
  • Organize our โ€œend of the year visionโ€ to prepare to be of service to others in the upcoming season of Virgo.
  • Release and walk away from the past, people, places, positions, perspectives, and principles which no longer align with who you are.

Moore Guidance:

Over the next two weeks, boldly walk through each energetic opportunity secure in who you are!

The more authentic you are this season, the more abundant your harvest will be in Fall. 

Stand up for yourself, honor your new values, allow no one to violate your boundaries, and be whoever you are without fear of judgement or rejection. 

Do not participate in self deception.

Pour more into yourself this season as vitality is the source. 

Let go of the heaviness and karmic lessons lingering from the cycles that have finally come to completion.

Release whatever heaviness, disappointment, and feeling of insecurity keeping you from shining as boldly as the days Sun.

My Spiritual Advice:

Sungaze or Sunbath under this courageous, vitalizing, joyful, and intense energy to replenish your Spirit for your next experience.

Indulge in self care and grounding exercise.

I wish you the best as you manifest energetic opportunities that expand your Spiritual body and experience over these last two weeks of Leo.

As above, so below. 

All is well.

October 7, 2018

It was our first interaction

Had no expectations of what was to happen

It was my day of birth

Genuinely happy

But the circus began

& He started tapping.

He was a Leo in his prime

Forgetting it was my day

But I let him shine

Called him by his name

He seemed to forget mine

Referred to me as a “Thingz and such”

Appalled and annoyed at the same time.

Decided to break down his verbal oppression

He didn’t expect this self respect confession

Had to teach him a quick little lesson

On how to speak on and of women

He was behaving like a peasant

An entertainer he claim he was

Tried to not to stereotype

But here he was

Objectifying women

Like he was the plug

Rated his song a 4

No hopes of joining his fan club

Left him drunk in his emotions

Exposed the clown he tried to not crack open

& All along I was hoping

That this disappointing path was not on his scope

But he doesn’t deserve the presence of Queens

He can continue to refer to other women

As “Things”, “Flings” and only complimenting their jeans

He shall perform for the crowd

He is a Joker and not a King

Ding A Ling Discussions

Day One

I decided to make clown the name of the song he tried to sing.

Women have to start ringing the bell on these kinds of things.

WEEK 14.

135 lbs as of 2/5/2019

135 lbs as of 2/5/2019

Pregnancy Update

Symptoms to date: Allergic reaction on Wednesday, January 20, 2019 after eating Chicken Fried Rice with Soy Sauce.

I am very hormonal so my initial reaction to everything is intense emotion; crying.

Physical Reaction: I broke out in hives on my sides, thighs, upper back, and hips.

Solution: On Saturday, February 2, 2019 I switched my shampoo, conditioner, lotion, bar soap, toothpaste, and body wash to all natural based products.

Soap – Activated Charcoal & Rose Clay by Splendor Santa Barbara.

Toothpaste – Tom’s of Maine

Body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion – Puracy.

Transformation: My lips are feeling very raw. For the past three days, the skin has been dying and I feel as if I have a new pair of lips. They are very tender and are very pink.

Cure: I’ve been applying a Cold (white colored towel) to increase the blood flow to my lips, twice daily. I have only been applying Petroleum Jelly (unscented) to help hydrate and heal the skin. So far, it has been the only thing that is working!

Overall, I am sleeping well. My appetite is increasing and I am gaining weight steadily. I lost a few pounds (about 5-9) due to the lack of food intake during the first few weeks.

I knew I was pregnant the day I conceived. I am very aware of my body since I’ve been prescription, birth control, and pain killer free since 2013, the insemination was an experience I felt from the very moment.

In 2016, I got back on the Depo for 3 months and I never looked back since then. Other than that, I resort to natural home remedies for any and all issues.

I have a five year old daughter who was born by Cesarean in 2013.

She was 6 days late and would’ve been delivered naturally if I didn’t get induced by doctors order.

This pregnancy, I am planning to deliver naturally and vaginally!

I am ready for this journey. As my body transforms I ask for constant strength and awareness to create a comfortable and abundant experience and journey.

Happiness & Health.





Wellness Wednesday

I remember the day I actually met him

He was dark and handsome

But ugly like a Christmas Sweater

But it’s like I met him before

Knowing damn well I never met him

Like his soul was so familiar to mine

So we were easily connected

From that moment & time.

We became one

Going through so much privately

Publicly speaking none

So many secrets we share between us

There has been a lot of Hell

But equally as much fun, I mean it is us.

But today

Let’s continue to move forward

& Focus on the present

Take those L’s and make a Double V

Accepting the blessings in lessons

So many silly tales they tell

But we laughing behind the scenes

Over Brunch or sometimes Breakfast

Our Leo fire strong

Our moon lit bonfire all alone

Naive to the fact that I been riding all along

Removed everything covering my core

Fully in the naked

I finally feel like I’m at home.

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