𝕃et 𝔼verything 𝕆ut

August is the eighth month of the year. We celebrate the energy of Leo and at the end of the month, Virgo. The number eight is a power number. Eight represents: Spiritual Power Releasing & Letting go Hard work Diligence August is the month to: Come into Spiritual power. Indulge in rituals and routines that activate your Solar Plexus chakra as you move through this bold Leo energy. Organize our “end of the year vision” to prepare to be of service to others in the upcoming season of Virgo. Release and walk away from the past, people, places, positions, perspectives, … Continue reading 𝕃et 𝔼verything 𝕆ut

October 7, 2018

It was our first interaction Had no expectations of what was to happen It was my day of birth Genuinely happy But the circus began & He started tapping. He was a Leo in his prime Forgetting it was my day But I let him shine Called him by his name He seemed to forget mine Referred to me as a “Thingz and such” Appalled and annoyed at the same time. Decided to break down his verbal oppression He didn’t expect this self respect confession Had to teach him a quick little lesson On how to speak on and of … Continue reading October 7, 2018

I remember the day I actually met him He was dark and handsome But ugly like a Christmas Sweater But it’s like I met him before Knowing damn well I never met him Like his soul was so familiar to mine So we were easily connected From that moment & time. We became one Going through so much privately Publicly speaking none So many secrets we share between us There has been a lot of Hell But equally as much fun, I mean it is us. But today Let’s continue to move forward & Focus on the present Take those … Continue reading