I now look at the past so differently

I’ve transformed:

Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually

Things haven’t been what they appear to be

& Through your soulย 

I see you tearfully

That’s why I ask you to spill for me

Get high

Pass on chill pills for me

Show me how you really feel for me

Will you cross Atlantic water?

Climb the highest hills for me?

Weird that’s how this feels to me

Men walked over my love in the past

A fool I refuse to be

Guilty if they accusing me

A fountain of wisdom

They steadily using me

Stop coming at me side ways

Left I refuse to be.ย 



I do not believe in coincidences

So I see all the signs in this

A Higher Good present

I’m pretty fond of this


Things shiftingย 

Intense feeling making me feel lifted

Scales suddenly shifted

But in a happy way is how I mean itย 

The bass boomingย 

Through my Heart Chakra


Feeling modern day Soap Opera

& The Days of Our Lives

Are getting better,

Baby we poppin’.

So hold on,

Please don’t stop it

On top,

I like to drop it

& He love the way I pop it

All Black coffee, no extra topping

Hands over my eyes, I’m shy

Undercover like a cop be

So officer arrest me

I studied youย 

Now test me

Iron me straightย 

Gently press me

Revive our love

Double chest press me.ย 


Earth Fire Air

September Twenty Sixteen

I learned what Karma really means

I thought that he was everything

But my feelings noticed things

But for my egoย 

I continued to suppress

Staying up late

Missing out on restย 

The constant agony in my chestย 

Running from the fear of defeat

Lying on the beach in extreme heat

Reminiscing on the memories

Wondering why he treated me so cold

From the mistreatment feeling old

San Diegoย 

Turning cold

When deep down I always knew

On a plane I should’ve flew

Back to the love I truly deserved

I was running from my destiny

This toxic love journey was the best for me

Aware of my worth and I declared Moore

Woke up one day and said fck itย 

Threw all my pebbles in a bucket

Sea sickย 

I up chucked it

Thought I found a piece of gold

But he was a shiny piece of nothing

Stay tuned for more of the story. . . . . . .



I’ve experienced love on every level of the Spiral.

We think time is linear when the cycles of this machine are continuous

That’s why we call it a Life Cycle.

We manifest things we cannot karmically afford

& Get mad at the price.ย 

Not knowing we’re putting ourselves in karmic debt.

But tryna pay with physical checks.

So many things these naive spirit fails to get.

The longer you stay trapped in.

The harder it is to quit.

Lacking thee exposure.

Unaware of how to give self closure.

Traveling within the resistance over.

Walking out of the cold.

Warmth getting closer.

Flash his bat symbol in the clouds

Through the darkย 

I saw it loud

For my win I’m feeling proud

Embody the King

Because he nurtured his inner child.ย 

So yes I sit and smile

Like a little bitty child

I’ve turned pain into passion

Time to let my love hang out.



I wanna share my Spiritual journey with the world to show how magic life has been.

I am not saying I’m Misses Perfect, I’ve just owned up to my sin.

In the past I was passive, I let the ego in me win.

Until I broke free of the mental prison and the materialistic wins.

I was concerned with the facade, sneaking when I should’ve dodged.

My intuition started getting louder, no more snooze, there was no pause.

I started hearing and feeling my passed Father.

My dreams he started to bother.

Clowning out of the state

Barbie Doll, feeling fake

But the core of my soul was so raw,  I couldn’t play

Myself like I was them

Knowing I was a Diamond

But behaving like a gem

Screaming “I was grown”

All along playing pretend

Until I became the essence of the things that I say

Never denied, just a delay.

I stopped resisted, I decided to pray.

There was nothing Moore, the Universe could say

I had begged many days to take the sorrow away

For the common love affections

He snatched away.

Ignoring my love, just to jag an ego erection.

Only himself he was respecting

My morals we neglecting.

Escaped the karmic hell.

At the airport, retrieved my cell.

Hit his line, “I’m free from jail.”

Upon my landing,

Right into his arms I sadly fell.

Because I was geniunely  happy as hell.

To be free to love in the open.

I shattered my lies, the acts all over.

I released what was no longer serving me

& The path was wide open

Open the flood gates of abundance

That cycle didn’t fade our glow

So delighted to say,

The clown shht we let go.

More and more it’s starting to show

And my cheeks I can’t let go

My Father’s soul is happy to know

That I stopped running from what was mine

Creating karma bad all this time

The word “love” I’ve redefined

& I got it right this time

I’ve transcended to a Queen

He a King, We make a team

We don’t speak on every single thing

But together our dreams are in sync

Signs and the symbols

Aligned to link.

Our flames we have rekindled

Pure intention no need to swindle

But I’m swooned

Soft & gentle

Happiest I’ve ever been

All because I went within

& Sifted everything until I got to the core of Jasmine again.

The End.


We are ready for this union


No longer choosing


No longer proving

Queen Justice

Come forth for ruling

Earth of my core

Recalled me back

From beyond the shore

Left feeling less

Returned feeling Moore

Sinfully even

No need to even equal the score

Returned from the past

But so much better than before.ย 


Released all my worries

Our new beginning

Began today

So no longer worried

All the pestsย 

They hurry and scurry

So small

So cute &

So furry

Ima Chef of Love

No Curry

In the pastย 

I tried to hurry

Universe told me not to worry

But as my abundance starts to fall inย 

We’ve warmed out cold

Let’s enjoy the Summer’s Flurries.ย 

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