Responding to Life’s Experiences

6:11 AM


36 Weeks



Respond (v)- Say something in reply.

React (v)- Respond or behave in a particular way in response to something.

Everyday we are all presented with the opportunity to either respond or to react to life’s experiences and it makes all of the difference. I noticed how quick I was to react to what I was experiencing and not properly responding. It was exhausting constantly working myself up and I decided to take some time out to learn how to better respond. It took a lot of time and discipline but I am here. I no longer react off of how experiences make me feel. I allow myself to feel however I do but I do not respond until I have processed the emotion through thought to get to the core of why I feel the way I do.

There is so much power in the ability to respond to what is happening for you and not to you. Life is not happening to us; everything in our lives is happening for us to grow and develop in every aspect. We repeat the same cycle of experiences until we’ve fully developed the skill of response and not reaction. The more we react, the less time we spend responding.

So today and everyday forward, I thoughtfully respond to the experiences I’ve been blessed to have.

I wish you the same energy!

Happy Freedom Friday!



Call me HormonaLisa!


That allergic reaction I mentioned last week, is HIVES.

A normal reaction to hormonal change during pregnancy.

This was not a symptom I experienced my first pregnancy and I would have to say, it is by far the most uncomfortable of any I’ve experienced.

Sadly, I have to wait for them to clear on their own and from my understanding and research, they can disappear as soon as next week and remain as long as post pregnancy.

Thanks Hormones!

Another GREAT update; that 14 weeks announcement was… well at this point premature.

My period being absent since November, again, a hormonal reaction to LIFE miscalculated my actual pregnancy and due date.

I had an ultrasound today and it’s confirmed that I am about 6-7 weeks, meaning I won’t be delivering until the week of September 29 – October 5th, 2019.

My 28th Birthday is October 7th, 2019.

Happy EARLY Birthday to myself.

The Universe has a plan for me and I’m starting to understand the purpose of this journey more and more; I am not in control, life is full of surprises, and patience.

Today was not one of my best days but thanks to my Daughter, my Sister, and the Love of My Life / Child’s Father …… It’s ending with a hardcore feeling of love and appreciation.

I am ready for the journey of motherhood, again.

I am ready to Co-create with the Universe through the next 8 months.

I am grateful for my support system.

I am grateful for love.

I am happy to Bee.


My Story

In the past I was so passive.

I would hide how I really felt to shelter the feelings of others.

I would withhold the truth to avoid confrontation.

I would go against my intuition sometimes because I would rather carry the heavy feelings than have others feel it.

Since I released and detached from things which were making feel restricted and controlled; my entire life has changed.

I wouldnโ€™t even say Iโ€™m aggressive now.

I would say I am myself.

I am walking, speaking, and living in my truth.

I no longer run from my intuition.

I stopped resisting the presence of the Universe in my life and ever since then, things have truly been abundant.

The emotional satisfaction Iโ€™ve been experiencing is beyond my initial expectations.

I was so afraid to face myself.

I was so stuck in my ego and continued to run from who I really was inside.

One day, I woke up and starting speaking louder.

I started speaking my truth, proudly.

I started doing the work, on myself.

I became more aware, confident, and conscious.

I woke up.

As I started to speak from my intuition, I immediately felt the shift.

My intentions became pure.

I became aware of how toxic I was for myself and began to do what I needed to do to heal those wounds, break the cycles, and transcend.

The more things, people, experiences, and traumas I detached from and released; I rose higher and higher.

Sometimes, I literally feel like Iโ€™m flying. . . .  on love.

Through love and because of Self Love I reclaimed all of my power.

I stopped holding on to what was no longer serving me and my Highest Good.

I dedicated time to getting to know myself all over.

It had been years since I actually paid attention to who I was, what I liked, what was really hurting me, and what truly made me happy.

I left my facade and floated to my dreams.

Spiritually, I have evolved and stepped into my ultimate power.

Iโ€™ve never laughed this much.

Iโ€™ve never smiled this hard.

& Iโ€™ve never felt love at this intensity until now.

It took my Twenty Seven years to finally be free of the way I was raised, the titles I was attached to, and experiences which solidified my crumbling foundation.

I shattered the image of who I was pretendingย toย beย and became who I am today.

I almost lost my life to this dimension until I became Spiritually alive.

I became everything.

I became Moore, overnight.

Jasmine Moore.

The real her.


Break free and be yourself. Today and everyday forward.


It sucks they’ve created this monster

It’s like you’ve transformed into the imposture

They said you were

So yeah I’m bothered

Because I thought you were a man of integrity

So now I ponder,

On the connection we’ve connected

I’m feeling kinda disrespected

To the highest

I’ve been neglected

So my offer of love

I rescind it


Now that I’m awake

There are some things

I can longer fake

The heartache wasn’t fake

So many can relate

That when it becomes too late

You stop the wait

Because you would hate

To take out your aggression

On the karmic or your blessing

So much emotions constantly suppressing

So painfully painted

So away I wave &

I came in the cave to save you

No longer can I behave boo

No longer feeling enslaved to the game

That you played


Joyfully falling off the cliff

Beloved caught me

& The higher I start to lift

I feel empowered with so much fire

Gasping for air

As our altitude rises higher

No longer can I pacifier



I do declare

That I am a Lady.

All of my past indiscretions

Cannot be held against me

I am a tamed beast

Now I’ve transformed into Belle

Disco Queen

He rings my bell

Spiritual Genie

Rubbed my bottle

& Out

I come out of my shell

The desires which light my fire

Less attire

Is required

When the time expires

On your day

You can come lay

Your head on my shoulder

To warm you when you’re feeling colder

The stronger, the more older

The more triumphs

The bolder

The print for our journey

Patience is a virtue

But child like I hurry

When I get to be in your prescence

Appreciate you my mortal blessing

No longer supressing

I hope the next cycle

We enjoy the experience

& Stop arriving at destinations.


Even through this ugly phase

You are still so beautiful

But just by me saying this

You probably gon be so cynical

But still I see the mural yo

Your dark skinned tone

You have this Gawdly Human Glow

& I’m really being modest

Your heart is beautiful

But the ugly look of guilt you carry

You refuse to let it go

It’s just a mask

Covering your appearance

Say your heart is cold

I finally feel the shiver

Sailing away all alone

Hoping one day you’re ready to come home

But in our Kingdom all alone

I strongly hold down our throne

Because Spiritually

We are in union

Physical insecurity

Creates this massive confusion

See, you would be okay

If you just looked at me

But the ugly in me you refuse to see.


From all the second guessing

He hasn’t learned his karmic lesson

Trying my hardest to respect him

His journey has his mind conflicted

Triggered the act of the small chicken

& From this cycle I feel sickened

The constant spinning, turning, and dipping

Swerving outta control

Release the wheel

No longer

Holding in our issues

I can save you

But I can’t pretend to

Be okay with this self infliction

I’m happy to uplift him

But for now

Nothing I can do with him

Allow the Universe more time

To finish sifting

The storm I cannot stand

Murder the boy

Save the man

I know you genuinely are

Wishing on a star

& I’m not sure if I am to remain here

Or take my loving way far.

From you . . . . . . .


I keep forgetting this journey is about me

He’ll sacrifice himself

So lemme set myself free

He can cut his own wrist without me

& I mean this so figuratively

Physically so strong and discipline

But his spiritual fuel of empowerment

Is smaller than this third dimensional tower of toxic shht

That surrounds his Godly form

Caught in temptation his heart so torn

He must detach from the things he’s known so long

Time to let go and swim in uncomfortable

There’s no comfort in playing with my emotions

& It’s triggering my insecurities

I only want the best for me

& It’s standing with security

So if that means bringing Justice to the world in solidarity

Then alone I shall stand in my own authority

I will not back down from this righteous path

Surpassed the past

I am ready at last

& I apologize if he’s so use to being so stagnant

But my abundance is growing fast


So grateful for this time

To realize how divine this dimension really is

So many things I feel that I can’t speak of

It’s like being really excited,

But still not understanding what the true meaning of Christmas is.
As a kid,

My dreams were always so vivid

Maybe at the age of 10,

From the intense feeling of pain from the past

So deep the cut

If touched, I can still kinda feel it

But not triggered by the mention

Twenty Seven

Teen, I think that’s when I went missing

Happy to announce

I’m back and better than I was before

Karmic debts paid

I’m flying ashore

If asked,

“Why yes, I want Moore”

All is Well

Walking Divine

Angel Number



Being passive is so old fashion

Aggressively I demand

That I am treated like a woman

Grab the door and yes please,

Hold my hand.

We have to value the earthly presence

Of a woman

Of naturally feminine essence

We are all so different

So ask and stop guessing

But if you’re intimidated by my energy

Not sure whether I should be insulted

Or as disgusted as I appear to be.

Because I am strong from experience and exposure

This huge divide in security men create between us

Is kinda hard to get over

Like they fear swimming in their own egos

But they so passively show it

No longer even bothered by their passes

My King has arrive &

I’m glad that it’s over.

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