Responding to Life’s Experiences

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36 Weeks



Respond (v)- Say something in reply.

React (v)- Respond or behave in a particular way in response to something.

Everyday we are all presented with the opportunity to either respond or to react to life’s experiences and it makes all of the difference. I noticed how quick I was to react to what I was experiencing and not properly responding. It was exhausting constantly working myself up and I decided to take some time out to learn how to better respond. It took a lot of time and discipline but I am here. I no longer react off of how experiences make me feel. I allow myself to feel however I do but I do not respond until I have processed the emotion through thought to get to the core of why I feel the way I do.

There is so much power in the ability to respond to what is happening for you and not to you. Life is not happening to us; everything in our lives is happening for us to grow and develop in every aspect. We repeat the same cycle of experiences until we’ve fully developed the skill of response and not reaction. The more we react, the less time we spend responding.

So today and everyday forward, I thoughtfully respond to the experiences I’ve been blessed to have.

I wish you the same energy!

Happy Freedom Friday!


Werd of the Day

Today’s word is:



Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

How to become more self aware:

  • Spend more time developing a more intimate relationship with yourself.
  • Identify your:
    • Likes
    • Dislikes
    • Interests
    • Triggers
    • Fears
    • Traumas
    • Habits
    • Strengths
    • Weaknesses
    • Goals
    • Accomplishments
    • Abilities
    • Dreams
    • Feelings
    • Coping mechanisms
    • Toxic behaviors
    • Resources
    • Current Mental, Physical, Spiritual, & Emotional health

Things to remember about Awareness:

  • Is the first step to Self Development.
  • Do not be afraid to uncover parts of yourself you’ve never explored.
  • Be honest with yourself about where you are in your journey.
  • The more time you spend increasing your awareness, the more aligned you’ll feel with your Divine purpose.
  • Awareness is about facts and not opinions.

Happy Growing!



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