Happy to have met him Memories make it hard to forget him Experiences extensive A match I met him Twin flame I equally project him. That’s what’s scary about this connection It’s like we communicate via telepathy Even when our physical seems disconnected His love for me Is a surprise The gift that keeps giving He doesn’t over shower me With quality time and affection However How quickly he rises to the occasion Eyes bulk In amazement To watch the bridge rise Before my eyes Bunny out the hat Mouth open with surprise & Even in the middle of demise … Continue reading SPY

Compass to love.

I feel like I’ve been navigating through the dark mystery of love, with a compass, for the past 12 years. When I was 15 and so forcefully shoved into something I thought would be as pleasant as the fairy tales painted; I discovered the true pain of heartache early. 12 years to date of experiences which I so blindly navigated through because I had no love role models. The thick fog of naive clouded the path to true abundance and because I had no candle. I had no flashlight. Only a compass. A compass which had been thrown from generations … Continue reading Compass to love.