Naive I played the fool, I worked against the Spiritual rule, What you exude you attract, So excuse me if I intrude. Because by the rules I never play, Always had to have it my way, Until one day I heard loudly. The Universe whispered, ” For today you shall learn, Cosmically it is your turn, For the abundance you deserve, My child you have to earn. Because the tables have to turn, The Karmic fires no longer burn. You can now enter a new chapter of blessings; Go receive the abundance For you’ve learned.” Continue reading 10/04/2018


I don’t know what to say, To describe or replay, All the pain I feel from the past; I guess It was destined, it was fate. See karma is real, so believe what they say Be careful at what you think, chant, and pray. What you release will return, Like ashes to an Urn, So out goes the soul and to Hell we could burn, For our sins are our own. & We are destined for our own fate, Mind your business and your karma, & Watch the higher you elevate. Continue reading Tuesday