I Mastered It; AGAIN!

Greetings all and I hope you have been well because I have been BLESSED!

I am officially done with my MPA program!

I have mastered it for a second time!

You can say I am done with seeking academic gratification for my ego.

Miss O is ready to acquire Moore students for the Bee Moore AcadeME.

Speaking of, there are no more in person session slots available!

I have been blessed to shift into a phase in my life where I can focus on my faith, family, and physical health.

The next 6 months are about to be pivotal to my growth and personal development. 

I am happy to step into my 31st year of life soon completing so many chapters that are reigning in major healing.

The recognition and reward Iโ€™ve been working so hard for since the age of 19 is upon me.

All that needed to be revealed has been so I can stand here courageously loud in love and my truth!

To everyone who is sending me love and even those sending me hate; thank you!

Here is to my next phase of womanhood,

Orisha Sevyn 

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Donโ€™t forget: if you or anyone you know has been recently sexually violated, assaulted, or harassed, please email me to safely share your truth OR to schedule a free Self Care Sevyn Experience for healing purposes. Whatever I can do to alleviate the emotional stress and create healing; please let me know.

Through this offering I hope to help guide more victims to reawakening and realignment to their divinity. โค๏ธ

To learn more about the SCS experience, follow the link below:

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