7 0 7

We both ignored the signs, Began to consume too much of my mind, From me trying to identify, A non narcissistic reply, When I try to deny, How high I would fly, I thought you were the “guy”. Blindly I heard the truth, The whispers, Their lips were loose. I thought together we would grow, No longer naive, Consciously I know, Even when you really love someone, Sometimes it’s necessary to let them go …. Continue reading 7 0 7


I’m an exquisite taste, But stupid , So I use to chase, When I should’ve replaced, The face and forbid the case. Of lovers from the past, Our time didn’t last, So at last I pass, Because I was sick and tired of the crash. Which continued to happen, Reoccurring actions, But nothing happened, To my satisfaction. So I changed my reaction, Shit sometimes happens. It’s scary to think they don’t care, All along they didn’t play fair. I was Queen, Courting Jesters, Never a perfect pair. Let go of what no longer serves you; Be free but beware. Continue reading Escape


Naive I played the fool, I worked against the Spiritual rule, What you exude you attract, So excuse me if I intrude. Because by the rules I never play, Always had to have it my way, Until one day I heard loudly. The Universe whispered, ” For today you shall learn, Cosmically it is your turn, For the abundance you deserve, My child you have to earn. Because the tables have to turn, The Karmic fires no longer burn. You can now enter a new chapter of blessings; Go receive the abundance For you’ve learned.” Continue reading 10/04/2018