I Mastered It; AGAIN!

Greetings all and I hope you have been well because I have been BLESSED!

I am officially done with my MPA program!

I have mastered it for a second time!

You can say I am done with seeking academic gratification for my ego.

Miss O is ready to acquire Moore students for the Bee Moore AcadeME.

Speaking of, there are no more in person session slots available!

I have been blessed to shift into a phase in my life where I can focus on my faith, family, and physical health.

The next 6 months are about to be pivotal to my growth and personal development. 

I am happy to step into my 31st year of life soon completing so many chapters that are reigning in major healing.

The recognition and reward I’ve been working so hard for since the age of 19 is upon me.

All that needed to be revealed has been so I can stand here courageously loud in love and my truth!

To everyone who is sending me love and even those sending me hate; thank you!

Here is to my next phase of womanhood,

Orisha Sevyn 

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Don’t forget: if you or anyone you know has been recently sexually violated, assaulted, or harassed, please email me to safely share your truth OR to schedule a free Self Care Sevyn Experience for healing purposes. Whatever I can do to alleviate the emotional stress and create healing; please let me know.

Through this offering I hope to help guide more victims to reawakening and realignment to their divinity. ❤️

To learn more about the SCS experience, follow the link below:


In May 2020, I was Sexually Harassed

In May of 2020, I was sexually harassed, bullied, and intimated by someone I’ve known since high school.

I was in the comfort of my own home, in my bedroom, still unsafe.

I had known this man for years before and never thought my sexual boundaries would be crossed but still he entered my bedroom beyond my permission.

He refused to leave as he repeated the same sentence over and over demanding a response regardless of my saying this was not okay.

He simply wanted me to give him what he wanted and was not leaving until he received it.

This is when I started to got nervous.

My friend was present during this interaction and even after she was very uncomfortable.

I cried to someone I’ve loved for a while and thought the issue would be handled but it was not as I found out the next day.

The next day, he came back with a group of his friends to my residence and sought the opportunity to speak to me.

He asked the same questions and demanded a response in the same arrogant manner as he did in my bedroom the day before. His group of friends laughed as he called me weird for not answering his question as he wanted me to.

I immediately ran into the house, locked myself in the bathroom, and phoned the friend that was present. After I called my big brother to pick me up from my home, where I was no longer safe.

People I resided with were present and fell deaf to the incident; protecting him still to this day.

I’ve been blocked by women I thought loved me for asking for help in safety.

I was put of the residence because I blew the whistle on someone they love.

My boundaries have been ignored and now my silence is breaking!

In 2020, I did go to the police to report this incident to start a paper trial because he works for the city. I’ve loss women I loved due to situations like this so it was imperative I went against tradition and blew the fcking whistle!

So I come here as a woman who has been sexually assaulted, raped, choked, stepped on literally, punched, stalked, emotionally abused, manipulated, and shunned; BUT I AM NOT DEAD!

Men have touched me on the CTA redline inappropriately and threatened to shank me if I screamed.

Men have cornered me at parties and inserted themselves in places they didn’t belong even when I said NO.

A man entered my bedroom when he thought I was vulnerable and alone.

But what a man will not do anymore is SILENCE ME!

The rug I swept it under I now pull up and discard in the trash of my fear!!!

I stand in my truth so other women can activate their courage!

I am screaming MY STORY IS REAL. Each one!

I was violated in my home by a man I went to high school with in May of 2020 and THIS IS MY TRUTH!

No one will silence me this year!!!

Stay away from my children because I NEVER consented to it!!!

To women who have experienced sexual violations and want to share their truth, you can always reach out to me! I never want another woman to question her sanity because she is being SILENCED, BULLIED, AND INTIMIDATED!!

For the entire month of July I will be hosting free Self Care Sevyn sessions for women who have experienced sexual violations of the above magnitude. Please make contact with me privately to sign up!

Email me at moore@orishasevynconsulting.con

Orisha Sevyn


Highest Self Esteem

I use to be a creep,

Running the streets late at night like a cheat.

Until Spirit showed me why I shouldn’t bite their hand when I wanna eat.

Got me grounded and swept my dumb ass off my naive feet.

Put me back on the plane, without a doggy treat.

Tail between my legs, knowing karma was about to feast.

Hot as hell and on fire from the lesson.

That’s why I started hosting all these sessions.

To stop a lot of y’all from killing your progression.

That sneaky link energy puts you in the darkest section.

See I learned that I should be loved out loud and in public.

Being the other one and sometimes it ain’t even another woman.

Had love at home but was outside cumin’.

Crying crocodile tears when my ex got his one in.

Cut the bullshit with the butter knife and set me free.

Over the ego and now it can be what it shall be.

I hope you learned for you but take it from me,

Stay yo ass out of third parties,

The ride ain’t never ever free.


Next Level Ish

Genius with the pen but I don’t flex.

Spiritual with the tools with no need to hex.

Crossing all the T’s and closing off the X.

Self Care Sevyn with two S’s on my chest.

Hippie with these thighs and perky little breasts.

Constantly clearing karma cuz I stay ready for the test.

Yeah I think I’m the best.

Photographer: Shelby Cherie

Divinely created so I’m demeaned unique just like the rest.

So I hope I don’t press you,

To guess who you should run to.

On the days the nights fall cold blue,

Grateful for all I been through.

Love how I can stand bold in my truth,

Screaming from the highest mountain through the glass roof,

I’m done playing small, I’m ready to show my abundant proof.

Which is all in the pudding.

Talking out the side of your neck,

Saying things you shouldn’t.

Learned a million lessons by choice,

That even with courage, a lot of you couldn’t.

Or wouldn’t I should say.

See I got it my way cuz I don’t play when I say,

I am Moore all day, every day.

Bay Bay.


May Moore Be Well

I slid the final puzzle piece into place and instantly the whole picture lit up.

It’s like the last seven years had formed a beautiful circle around me and I was now rising from the ashes of my consequences.

I could now see clearly why each piece had to be received and aligned when it did.

So many other pieces had to come before this final one and if only you could see the hues of yellow through the darkest corners.

In the center was the first piece which was identical to the last.

The first experience of my Spiritual awakening manifested in the last scene and I was blown away at its courage.

Seeing my inner child show up in her highest confidence so happy to see me.

When our eyes connected at the center of the puzzle, I could feel her move through the last piece which now transformed before my eyes into a key.

As I reached for the key, the puzzle disappeared.

The full circle was now back half and none of the pieces made sense.

This was new.

I now had to study each angle, curve, corner, and separate image of what could be either my story half fulfilled or my wish coming soon.

It was all in my perspective.

I had now mastered the art of jumping timelines and projecting beyond my shadow.

Courageously I stand before all of thee in honor of my gifts and fight to Divine fortune.

Here is to Moore putting it all together, gracefully.


One of Sevyn’s Members Spotlight: Shekyel Allen

Hello all,

My next One of Sevyn’s Members Spotlight goes to Shekyel Allen: Nurse, Visionary, Landlord, and Empress energy!

Shekyel became a One of Sevyn’s Member during her first Clairvoyant Consultation. She was my second member ever to enroll and she has been confidently consistent in her belief in me since.

Over the course of our connection, I’ve learned to honor how bold and confident I am as she does. Shekyel is resilient in achieving her goals of securing a strong foundation for generational wealth and opportunity.

As a high vibrational Leo, Shekyel does not hold back on shining her confidence and courage to the world and is an inspiration for all of us. If you were to ask, she would openly share her stories through life’s challenges to inspire you to stay strong.

Her devotion and love for her son is one of the most magnetic qualities about her. She mastered her Divine Masculine energy and as One of Sevyn’s Members has made profound shifts to enhance her Divine Feminine energies.

That’s right, we have another Nurse ladies and gentlemen! One of Sevyn’s Membership is the space for the medical and Spiritual healer.

Shekyel has traveled to expand her career and is truly committed to the field. Her strong presence and calm demeanor are top tier reasons we align so well.

Since the beginning of her enrollment, she has honored her intuition and spoke openly in each session. I cannot wait to spend time this year growing closer to her in body so we can rise higher in Spirit; together.

Early congratulations are in order as she is engaged and due to marry the love of her life!

Thank you Shekyel for all your belief, support, and commitment to One of Sevyn’s Membership.

To become One of Sevyn’s, follow the link below.


Orisha Sevyn Availability

Top of the sun beautiful people,

In the month of May through the end of the year, my availability will be flexible and consistently shifting to accommodate us all.

I am currently available for sessions and services on: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.

My time slots will change as the weeks go on.

I will communicate any and all changes at least 48 hours in advance.

This week, I am only available for sessions on Monday, April 25th, 2022.

My next available open day for consultations, session, and service is Monday, May 2, 2022.

Again, I am no longer available via the 773-791-0183 line.

Please email us at or follow me on IG @orishasevynconsulting.

One of Sevyn’s Members – Members biweeklies for May 1st to May 15th, 2022 will be delivered by April 30th, 2022 at 11:59PM.

Please take advantage of our discounted membership investment until Wednesday, April 27th, 2022.

Follow the link below to become a One of Sevyn’s Member for $66.66 plus taxes instead of the original $100.00 plus taxes.

I hope your week is well,

Orisha Sevyn


Moore Honest-Tea

We all make bad decisions and since they don’t manifest the same, we judge.

Regardless of whether your belief lies with the Bible or within Spirituality; in some concept you will always get back the energy you give out to any person, place, or thing. Think of karma and the seven deadly sins.

Your ability to judge a person, place, or thing is often rooted in your consciousness, confidence, and clear understanding of past experiences, self, and all other perspectives you’ve been gifted in the past.

My bad decisions are rooted mostly in my Spirituality. Not honoring my intuition is a bad decision I continue to make at times . If I were smart, by now, I would continue to stand firm on my belief even when I don’t see how it will manifest into reality.

Your bad decision may look different and I shouldn’t judge you for it. I should accept that you chose differently than I would have in your experience.

Since I’m mindful, I quickly consider how we probably didn’t have the same options to choose from and that’s another story for a different day.

Sharing our bad decisions should lead to mutual innerstanding of human kind and nature.

We could find comfort in knowing other humans make bad decisions they aren’t afraid of sharing with us vulnerably.

We could relate to each other and bond deeper on the energies we have to navigate if the bad decision led to suffering as a consequence.

Judgement always creates a boundary for how much access we’re granted to the wisdom people possess.

I wish we could all share the stories of triumph or defeat from our bad decisions. It would help enlighten and encourage others through difficult time.

Here is to showing Moore humanity.

Orisha Sevyn


$33.33 Moore Inner G Readings

Hi beautiful beings!

From today until April 20th, 2022, I am running a special on The Moore Inner G Reading.

All readings will be audio recorded and delivered within 4-7 days from your investment.

To book an Inner G Reading, please e-mail me at , DM me on FB Moore Jasmine, or message me on IG @orishasevyn .

Here is to Moore clarity. 🦋

Orisha Sevyn


One of Sevyn’s Members Spotlight: Alissa The Alchemist

Hi beautiful beings & souls,

I would like to take this time to introduce another One of Sevyn’s Member who deserves a shoutout!

Alissa Johnson has been a One of Sevyn’s Member for almost two years now. Our first call was on a very pivotal day in her life and truly drives our connection.

Spiritually, professionally, and personally, I’ve been blown away at how receptive, persistent, and courageous Alissa has been. Not only is she a member but she has taken significant advantage of Master O Tarot. From these two services, Alissa has shifted into her Spiritual mission as an Oracle.

So much that I am proud to announce she is open and available for readings! Please add her on FB or IG to request an energy reading! I highly recommend her as she has provided clarity for me in the past.

Alissa’s social media:

Multidimensional and multifaceted her Capricorn sun brings grounding to her feminine grace. Beauty and brains as she has successfully completed nursing school and has a strong background in the nursing field!

To get more knowledge and wisdom about nursing school, exams, and the lifestyle please follow her YouTube page. She shares valuable tips and tools to help any aspiring or current nursing student or professional grow.

During our time together, I’ve learned so much about my own ability to transform under some of life’s toughest circumstances. Alissa continues to be a safe Spiritual space where I can both give and receive without resistance. She possess a very unique ambiance which is alluring to the soul.

I had the opportunity to be blessed with her presence last summer for a rooftop brunch and I was enamored at how enlightened she had become in our short time working together.

She creates content, promotes health, provides clarity from Spirit, honors her intuition, and is of the coldest from the windiest city. Alissa Johnson may be the next Divine Feminine to rock this dimension and I step aside in glee!

To the moon and back, I am so grateful to have aligned and guided you to your Spiritual throne. Alissa, you’ve made me so proud and I know your ancestors are screaming as you break curses and transcend beyond all limits.

We love you Nurse Alissa! 🧡

Orisha Sevyn

To become One of Sevyn’s Members, please visit the link below.


It Was Like That Scene In The Lion King

Photo credit link:

I was being held over a cliff watched by a group of my peers. Across the sky I could see my ancestors in the clouds so vividly.

My peers were all wearing pink and holding white flowers to represent the love and abundance I was being granted access to from this sacred ceremony.

Holding me was my Higher Self in her finest glory. Behind her was my oldest ancestor whom I knew little about. Her image grayed out as to keep her identity a secret but the intense energy she was a blind man could see.

Being held high for that long made me anxious and I could feel a shift coming. Before I could take another breath I was gracefully handed off to the air. Flowing in downward slow motion, I quickly landed in the middle of my peers.

I didn’t hit the ground or have anything to catch my fall. I came to a swift halt 7 inches from the ground and levitated in air.

I was now wondering if I would be trampled.

I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer.

As soon as opened them, I was sitting on a throne.

Healthy, happy, and humble as I had successfully navigated another dark knight of the soul.

I am so grateful for the prophetic dreams I’ve been experiencing.

Gratitude to the Most High for the gift of seeing beyond the shadows and through the stars.

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