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A while ago,
I was put into harm.
I guess he was offended I rejected his charm.
Evicted when I hit the alarm.
Now in this instance,
I asked him to keep his distance,
His best friend, his girl, & a Christian,
Would’ve let me come up missing.
Until, I switched,
Called up my clique,
Placed the payment for the hit,
Told Beloved I officially quit,
& When She pulls the trigger, to please not miss.


9 of Wands

I’m so happy that we’ve completed another chapter.

Now entering a season where we can celebrate our victories and engage in hearty laughter.

This passion is so intense and at this point, I’m so convinced.

That Beloved is giving me what I wished; an opportunity that cannot be missed.

I would be a fool to let you pass, praying that we grow together and our love can last.

So use to the painful crash, learning to forgive myself for some of the decisions of my past.

So thank you for making it clear, that this is indeed the same direction you want to steer.

Can I be the one you come home to? The one you never let go of my Dear?

Leaning to release any fear, that causes me to tear; devastated if again, I could never hear,

The baritone vibrations of your voice that feel my body with cheer.

Pure happiness and bliss, couldn’t sleep at night because of memories which make me sick.

In my ego, I almost drowned, feeling insecure I screamed it loud, because deep in my heart I was always proud.

To be the energy filling your heart and now the mother of your child.

Photographer: Shelby Cherie

Email: freelycherie@gmail.com

Instagram: @_.yungyin


5/24/2019 Thoughts

7:08 PM

I’ve been on my spiritual journey for almost a year and the one lesson I continue to learn is that healing and growth are constant and never ending.

Everyday we grow. We are more experienced. We are more aware of ourselves, our habits, and our thoughts.

I’ve learned so much about the woman I am destined to be and how resistant I was to change.

2018 was one of the most significant years of my womanhood. I suffered so much lost and gained so much more once I released the old and allowed unstable and insecure towers to collapse.

The moment I started honoring my intuition and being more faithful in my magic and ability; my entire life changed.

For years, I’ve allowed my ego to consume me and have made so many life altering decisions; none of them I regret because without this experience I’ve acquired, I would still be naive.

Being insecure and unsure of myself, I participated in activities and exhausted energy which lead to a complete change of scenery and an elevated perception.

Through the obstacles and challenges of life and love, 2018 rocked the socks off the woman I was and I allowed me to stand here as the beauty I am today!

I’ve done so much reflecting and inner work that I am amazed each time I catch a glimpse of the beautiful reflection staring back at me in the mirror.

I’ve transformed and am in my highest form, doing things that serve only my highest good!

I’ve allowed myself to be indecisive and restricted to the limits of fear for too long and 2019 has been a significant year of change and faith!

I’ve devoted the last year of my life to solidifying my womanhood and building security in myself.

Making the decision to honor my intuition has changed my life for a greater good and I am so proud of the woman I am today.

I am home. I am safe. I am in love with a man I’ve loved since childhood.

The magic that has transpired in my life is unbelievably overwhelming but I am so worthy of it and all that is to come.

I write this to say, you are always one decision away from changing your entire life.

Make the decision today.


I tried to not be so aggressive

But some men continue to press it

The nerve which rises my defenses

I continue to say “stop!”

But some of them deaf

So they don’t listen

So isolation is the key

If that’s the only way for them to see

That like a bird

I am openly free

To create a healthy boundary

Around my temple and my spirit

So sick

You can’t come near it

But intimidated

You actively fear it

This little spirit so big

You should actually fear it.

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