I think I’ll check in again when I reach 14,500 views but how quick I reached 14,200 had to be recognized! In just three days I was able to obtain over 100+ views and I am a little baffled but happy none the less.

Whewww! Gratitude is my attitude and that’s that on that!

I appreciate the love received through every platform.

I have way more to express and plan to be as active as possible to reach my goal by the end of the year.

Thank you to all 272 of my followers and every person who visits; even if it’s just the homepage!

Hoping to also reach 400 followers by the end of the year!

Again, thank you so much for feeling where I’m coming from and remaining active with me. I appreciate the comments and well wishes on my pregnancy as well!

Blessings & Abundance to you all!

12.28.2018 8,900 👁👁’s!!


As of 11:10 AM,

December 28, 2018


8,900 VIEWS in 3 months!

Thank you all soooo much! In September I decided to share my work with the world and the love and support has been so overwhelming!! I’m so passionate about writing and have a very vivid imagination. I truly am speaking from my intuition and have a genuine passion for words.

I’m an Empath. Emotions are my language.

This past Summer spent in California has transformed the woman I was into something so beautiful now.

I came into womanhood and it’s because I chose to do what truly made me happy.

I finally matured.

& I’ve never been happier.

October 7, 2018, I was reborn.

Thank you all for reading, sharing, commenting, liking, and accepting me here! ❤️

You all have triggered my passion even more and I’m excited to open my heart and share my story through poetry with you all through 2019!

My life has been so much Moore abundant since I stop to smell the Jasmine’s.

Much love.

✍🏽 ,

Juniverse Mas