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As of today, The Moore Consultation is now available for booking to help you determine what Moore you need at this time to be more aligned, fulfilled, and secure within your professional, personal, and private matters.

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Banned & Blocked Client Procedure

Greetings all!

If youโ€™ve ever been informed that you:

– Cannot book for any service, experience, or work with Orisha Sevyn directly or indirectly ; please do not book a service under a new name, email, or residential information.

When detected, you will not receive a refund, be contacted, or engaged with!

Please share all the posts you like and pursue a lawsuit if need be because all documentation will be presented proving you were banned and blocked PLUS notified!

I am as professional and patient as can be but if youโ€™ve been blocked or banned it was for great intention and I will not withdraw my decision.

Please be advised!

Orisha Sevyn


How do we forgive and continue to live like we forgot?

Finding the perfect balance between healthy ego and high vibration and sometimes itโ€™s difficult to figure out.

Too old to repress my feelings so when I get blue I take space to shout.

What is love really all about?

Torn between cappin online or letting the truth hang out.

Why chase the clout?

When all they do is doubt?

Not in favor of our union so I wish they would watch out.

But who am I said the Divine?

Trusting my intuition and remaining so kind.

Seeking clarity from the depth of my mind.

Gotta know when to fold and I think itโ€™s time.

Trust Issues

Oh baby I hate to say I donโ€™t even believe you.

Karmically clearing the cycles because no longer do I fear you.

Hear you, I do but what you say donโ€™t mean a thing.

And since my finger is missing a ring, this solo symphony I continue to sing.

Waiting for the one that I know Spirit will bring.

Finding evidence to create all types of assumptions to make me scream.

Oh back in the day I had a dream but you decided to open up your team so relieve, me.

Clearly this is just not enough.

I require a lot of honesty or I fail to develop the trust.

You did this to me and I do this to us.

No further do I even wanna discuss.

Remaining faithful to my word so just trust.

Like a genie in the bottle, I got your fcking fairy dust.

Ten Twenty Two

In the year of the Luvers, I hope you discover your true worth.

Get back into that high Spirit you were given at birth.

Keep going inside and do some real self work.

It may hurt but I promise after you get to the dirt you see the beauty of the earth.

So what am I worth? Moore.

For this reason, all of self I explore like itโ€™s a daily chore.

With so much in store I fearlessly open each door.

Consciousness is a gift and a lovely reward if you can rise above the ego bore.

This year, I hope you become one with yourself to feel where real love exists.

Less using your temple for attraction, let us all see those souls lips.

No need for any beauty tips for how gorgeous you truly are.

Leave any room that makes you feel less than a star.

In the days of hardship and resistance, focus on your goal and also how far,

From the past youโ€™ve already walked and show grace and gratitude for where you are.

Character 1166

I have finally bled dry from the lack of hope for those who continue to resist.
Iโ€™ve left my heart open and held space for heaviness that has kept me stagnant for too long.
Failing to use this river full of tears released from extreme disappointment to cleanse my naive eyes.
I continue to deceive and betray only myself.
Everything I lacked caused me to react in my lowest of ways.
Engaging in extreme and narcissist behaviors that continue to generate Spiritual blockages and tons of delays.
I surrendered and prayed.
Conscious that I had quickly lost my way trying to focus on monetary gain that would not make me feel warm after constantly being left out to freeze in the cold.
I grew up in the conditions of Chicagoโ€™s winters but this storm was getting kinda old.
I shouldโ€™ve showed you how I felt from the very beginning but my need to exaggerate got the best of me.
Plumping you up on facades as I grew thin; withering away because you fulfilled me none.
The bone I loved to pick, I now wanted to chase no Moore.
The tricks I performed to ignite the chase of the dog; I now retire.
See this new cat here would rather pur under the fur of my own skin.


I hope that good time you wanted, you found

Now look at you, scared to show your toxic face around town

My heart aches for the clowns

Who tried to talk me down

When I just wanted them to hear the sound

Of the truth.

I continue to physically carry my truth

So whatโ€™s your proof?

Continue to lurk and feign

Misinterpreting and delusionally connecting things

While I continue to sing.

High in praise

On the snuggle days

Getting my anxiety rubbed away 

By the same ole energy that you allow to play

With you.

Oh boo,

I hope everyone involved continues to heal through 

Hopefully you can be as loud in your truth 

We all recognize the signs

Realizing all the times you lied

Shouldโ€™ve listened to me in the past

For this is where your ego dies.

Moore Karmic Times

Are you content with being a late night squeeze of juice that only quenches thirst?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I tried to inform you first.

Excuse all my emotional outbursts but this generational curse will hurt.

Playing the naively devoted side piece, failing to realize your own worth.

Oh boo, hoo . I was once you too.

So I know what you gotta go through and thatโ€™s why I feel nothing for you.

The audacity of you, Miss I donโ€™t have a clue.

I am the clarity Queen and now your wish will come true.

I promise , right out the blue.

All the stones you threw at me behind my back will come back to you.

Because I am the glue.

I received all that energy and Iโ€™m sending the rest through.

If I had to turn to my neighbor, Iโ€™m happy that itโ€™s you.

Cuz I feel no hate in my heart.

Before my maturity, I was not too smart.

A dummy like yourself, I boldly played my part.

So now take your L since your mouth is so fucking smart.


I love you I do.

Whenever Iโ€™m asked I remain true.

Iโ€™m learning to forgive my past.

Thereโ€™s still healing needed for all Iโ€™ve been through.

Now I am no judge but from your heaviness you feel kinda blue.

Is it true what they say about you?

Is it truly me that has you being not like you?

If so, I donโ€™t care because I love the way you stare.

Singing to me loudly in the car even if someone else is there.

Distant lovers once upon a time so a Spiritual connection we share.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith but still fruit we bear.

So why continue to hurt others when itโ€™s not fair?

This Spiritual war is between us Twin.

No one else could ever compare.

But for now continue on your way.

I pray for you every night and every day.

For your heart to be healed from the things you donโ€™t say.

Iโ€™m happy itโ€™s up to Spirit now.

You didnโ€™t adhere to my advice.

So have it your way.

Not Like This

Who are you to judge me when your shit is no better?

At least Iโ€™m courageous enough to walk my path,

I adapt through the judgmental storms of any weather.

So why even try to get back together?

Inconsistently proving to me itโ€™s pleather,

As synchronized as the lone feather, 

Maturing through my frustrations and pulling myself together;

Because I promised the next time around, 

I would release you once and for all and let her.

Finally step into the role of false promises and lingering desires,

Passionate long nights but when dawn peaks you ghostly retire,

Is it only a bedroom fire? 

I can feel your soul leaving your body as our bodies float higher,

Intimidated by my ability to manifest all I acquire,

But how could that be true when you are the flame who set my heart on fire?

Stone cold lips for the fucking liar,

Mirroring the ugliest parts of me which is why I cannot deny him.

Praying daily for your return to the castle,

I wonโ€™t even stress myself with the hassle,

If she wants to continue to be on the end of your lassel,

I shift my tassel to pass off the baton that continues to leave me rattled,

Because how can I give you access to a sacred place when for others you make me the fool?

Naรฏve to the Spiritual lessons upon you for being so dimensionally rude.

To not cherish the ground of the Queen you called in,

Chasing the halls for years but hesitant to release your sins,

But if this is how and where it ends,

I bet I wonโ€™t do this again,

Not like this.

Moore Travel & Experience

As we move further into the pandemic, Iโ€™ve had Moore time to experience and travel. Staying home quarantined mostly until itโ€™s time to depart; Iโ€™ve found the perfect work life harmony. So here is to more safe and healthy city + air travel as we shift into 2022.

I share my lovely experiences and ambiance as I explore Moore of the world. Due to technological issues, my old phone contents cannot be accessed so some of the restaurant names and tourist sites will be missing. Enjoy the beautiful art still.

Friendly References Welcomed

* If you can identify the sites or restaurants by picture, please tag them. All photos were taken by myself.

Atlanta, Georgia January 2021
Atlanta, Georgia January 2021
Atlanta, Georgia January 2021
Joeโ€™s Seafood Chicago, Illinois 2021
Joeโ€™s Seafood Chicago, Illinois 2021
Offshore Rooftop Chicago, IL 2021
Offshore Rooftop Chicago, IL 2021
Bone Fish (Seaworld) Orlando, Florida 2021
Bureau Bar Chicago, Illinois 2021
Fridays (E Eerie location), Chicago, Illinois 2021
Bureau Bar Chicago, Illinois 2021
The Rosebud Chicago, Illinois 2021
Wedding Venue 2021
Downtown Chicago, Illinois 2021
Kissimmee, Florida 2021

The following photos are of downtown Chicago from my staycation in 2021.

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