April 2022 Twin Flame Collective Reading

Hi beautiful Twin Flames!

I am aligned and in union with mine and hope the information I’ll be sharing over the next few months educates, expands, and enlightens you about what’s to come for all flames and flamettes.

This reading will resonate for those who are conscious and already familiar with their Twin.

Question: Hey what’s a Twin Flame?

A Twin Flame, in my astrological opinion, is someone who embodies the same energy as you, has similar upbringings, you all share common traditions, the connection is magnetically intense, deeper than a soulmate more fulfilling than a karmic, and someone who can make you step into your Spiritual gifts!

You all could be polar opposites in some aspect.

My Twin is a Aries Rising, Virgo Sun, Libra Moon.

I am a Sagittarius Rising, Libra Sun, Libra Moon.

What do you notice about our big threes?

Our risings are both fire.

His sun sign is the one prior to mine.

Our moon signs are the same!

When next to each other, the energy of our twelve houses mirror.

It was an instant feeling of knowing each other for lifetimes during our first conversation.

I can’t make this shit up.

Astrology continues to prove itself to be true.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all Twin Flames are to be romantic or even for long term union purposes.

Recommendation: Soulful Revolution on YouTube is a great channel to follow for more information on how to identify what type of twin flame you are and you all’s mission.

I looked into the month of April 2022 and here are the insights I received:


If there’s been a lack of consistency in emotional expression or contact overall, things will quickly change when one of you receives the courage to reach out. A scroll down memory lane will more than likely guide you to texting or calling your Twin. Be clear and confident during the interaction and allow yourself to speak from your heart without the deception or heartache from the past coming to sabotage.


A friend request, an unexpected link, or a quick trip to catch up will be in the works as both of you are excited the air is clear. If not already this will manifest on April 22, 2022 by 8:06PM CST.

CONFIRMATION: Ear ringing is a sign you’re ascending beyond the previous cycle.

They Are Jealous of You.

You or your Twin are working through insecurity this season. Emotionally learning the lesson of speaking and living in truth can be the most difficult to master.

The key here is to accept the differences in maturity and assist each other in the transformation process. If last season you were running, do not chase this season. Stand your ground and be courageous in showing compassion to this connection.

You Are In New Energy!

Finally over the old and out of your way!

You realize how powerful you’ve become and are asserting yourself in this connection! Use the past experiences to help redefine this new beginning between you two! The potential energy can lead to the marriage proposal or partnership dynamic of your dreams. Courage is what you need darling!

Cooperation Leads To Good News.

I know it may be difficult to trust that you won’t go down the same road of running and chasing. I’m aware of how toxic this connection was in the past; from experience at that!

However, I’m encouraging you to honor your intuition and go with the flow. Do not resist that you truly are still drawn to his / her / their energy! Forgiveness of the past will allow expansion of your heart chakra to not be so pressed about what’s to come because you’ll be enjoying the joy of now.

The good news is that you all are finally over the bullshit and can put all your healing efforts in demonstration.

Spiritual Baths

Create a bath with the intention to release all old lovers and stagnant energy from your sacral chakra. This awakens your highest courage and grants access to the energy you need to get creative. After, take your time moisturizing your skin and watching yourself in the mirror. While getting dressed speak love over yourself and this connection. Let it go and let it be!

Speak Your Truth You Drama Queen !

I know how to bring the drama but this time I chose to move in love. My ego wanted to show itself but for what? I know now that this connection is here for a Divine reason.

Watch your impulses as the tongue is very bold.

I wish all Twins the courage under this fire Sun to have each others back.

Speak no Moore of the past because love wins in the end; always.

I hope through this reading you channel Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity into your heart as we shift into higher energy.

Orisha Sevyn

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April 2022 DF & DM Spiritual Guidance

Hi beautiful!

Welcome to your Spiritual Guidance for the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine collective.

This reading will resonate for the month of April 2022.

Take what resonates for you and leave what does not.

To book a personal energy reading, please follow the link below.

Orisha Sevyn’s Planetary Alignment:

Sagittarius Rising

Libra Sun & Moon

Virgo Venus

Divine Feminine

Now is the time to speak up and expose how courageous you are.

You are under Judgement for the lies, deceptions, or manipulation within a third party situation with an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) or a Scorpio.

Te lesson here is to learn to speak honestly, vulnerably, and less dramatically.

Emotionally, you are transforming.

There are some disappointing thoughts or communications you must sort through before you are ready to be released from cycle.

This “silent as a rock” energy is giving you enlightenment and a reality check all at the same time.

How are you going to redeem yourself and redefine your life?

Numbers 744 and 91 are synchronicities from the Universe confirming you are honoring your intuition’s direction.

How the Universe communicates with you is shifting so be alert and aware of things, people, and places which resonate with you.

Be sure to remember the date, deep breathe, stretch, pray, and journal to maintain grounding through this fire energy.

Downloads are coming in so expect ear ringing as the Spiritual ascension symptom.

Your journey to enlightenment will come through a lot of lurking for information late at night while the world rests.

If you have a difficult time processing denial or receiving rejection, this month will create discomfort.

Do not dilute your self esteem in the experience of a delay or reroute.

What is love?

Well baby don’t hurt me or yourself trying to define it.

Be ready to demonstrate how you express your love for self and others.

How creative and passionate are you about the people, places, and things you claim to love?

If there are any childhood wounds around communication or social groups, all should be made well by April 25th, 2022.

Best of luck Divine Feminine as you grow to Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity.

Divine Masculine

Hard work and forgiveness are major themes for you.

You are focused on your financial and personal goals while mastering the art of your lower self. Watch your impulses and aggression.

Liberate yourself of any traditions which no longer align with your lifestyle.

Time and energy management are important as you are moving through the month of April 2022.

“Right! Right?” Don’t second your intuition because you are in your highest courage. Resistance is only fear trying to keep you from progressing!

Spiritually, you’re being granted access to more perspective on situations you’ve asked for clarity on for years.

Through these experiences powerful inner- standing should develop.

This is heavy shadow work energy so move wisely as the behaviors, energies, and actions done in the dark will be loud under the sun.

Pick which you believe in more:

Seeing is believing or it isn’t always what it looks like?

Defining your belief here will dismantle a lot of illusions from your ego.

Numbers 111 and 242 are synchronicities from the Universe confirming you are honoring your intuition’s direction.

Continue to think back on conversations, ideas, and plans to cultivate proper adjustments to your energy and action plan.

Use your abundant energy on physical and emotionally activities through frustrating situations that will manifest to test you.

Immaturity and overindulgence are heavinesses lurking in the shadows so beware and be graceful.

There’s a Divine Masculine energy from your past on social media that is serving their karma in your honor.

This person could be a Pisces sun, Taurus Moon, or Cancer Rising.

You are in a very high vibration and I encourage you to stand confidently aside your Divine Feminine energy through their transformation.

Divine timing is at play all aligned to your belief in yourself.

Do you believe you?

Be foolish in your joy but wise in your joints.

I hope this helps create Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity Divine Masculine as you move in love.

Both Divine Feminine & Masculine


Why do fools fall in love?

Numbers 34 & 43 are going to confirm this is for you!

“Well I believe fools fall in love because they always trippin over the cliff.” – Orisha Sevyn

Aries is represented by the Fool & the Emperor in traditional tarot. These are two very opposing energies.

The fool doesn’t have alot of experience or resources but has the passionate energy to take risks.

The Emperor has the tools, information, and resources to take risks but can be stuck in his ways of energy.

In this season you have a choice to either be foolishly in control or a controlled fool.

Choose wisely.

Orisha Sevyn


Faith Over Fear My Dear.

The devil energy is a sneaky MF!

Which is why we need discipline to remain faithful through all the trickery.

Today I wrote my intentions and goals for the rest of the year.

How quick the devil energy manifested to project fear upon my vision was scary.

No seriously. It was a true experience to make me feel insecure and hopeless.

I immediately went into deep breathing and sent a prayer out to reject the fear trying to consume me so sneakily!

I wrote how I was safe and protected against all evil trying to deter my plans and dilute my confidence.

Now, I feel so grounded and focused.

Relieved that I caught the right numbers to confirm the devil energy had gone for the day.

Defeated and disappointed that I am standing firm to my beliefs.

In the past, I was so unfaithful and would’ve danced all night in anxiety.

For what though?

I know how gifted and protected I am!

I know how things always work in my favor against all devil energy!

I’ve succumbed circumstances sent to deplete me and still I rise so gracefully in my bag of Spiritual tricks!

So to the devil energy so aggressively trying to consume me as I sway to my mission.


Orisha Sevyn


Throat Baby : The Power of the Tongue.

Ahhhh, the throat chakra; my favorite one to be honest.

It’s where a lot of our power and blockages lie due to being silenced as children.

If at home, in school, and in your social circles you weren’t given the space, privacy, emotional availability, and support to express yourself; you may struggle with public speaking, intimacy, and communication.

That’s okay.

Healing the throat chakra requires a combination of being receptive to all forms of communication, usage of the honesty policy, actively speaking in high energy, creating healthy boundaries, some form of daily emotional release activity, and avoiding false expectations.

Knowing when to speak and when to only be spoken to is important.

No longer volunteering valuable information, saying things you do not mean, fighting for causes you know you don’t believe in, and speaking lowly of self and others are baby steps to healing.

Our tone, volume, pitch, and word choice reveals how secure and healthy our throat chakras are.

Can you say the following loudly, with courage, and calmly?

“I feel frustrated because I’m not able to fully express how what was said or done to me is influencing me.”

“I’m exhausted by the lack of reciprocity between us.”

“I would like to speak to you on the phone or in person because texting is not conveying what I feel. I don’t want to be misunderstood.”

“I apologize about what I said. I was being immature because you said something to hurt me. I should’ve informed you instead of being childish. Please forgive me. I need to do better at communicating my emotions.”

Yeah? No? Maybe so?

It could all be so simple to express, expose, and expand on how we felt and feel but since childhood we’ve been through a lot of shit that made us insecure, cold, and silent.

Now that we are maturing into adults, unlearning our ghosting, gaslighting, and guilt mechanisms are vital to creating healthy connections and communication skills.

It is very unattractive in love, business, professionally, and familiarly to not be a person of your word, to lie because you can’t live in your truth, or to avoid accountability by denial.

My throat chakra was blocked for years and I only started to heal it when I was wounded in love. The years of repressed emotions had me so overwhelmed that I lost my voice and my essence for a while. I fell silent to my insecurities and the courage within was gone.

Now that I am above slander, smearing, and ghosting without clear communication of our end; I feel so liberated and connected to my heart.

Express yourself, forreal forreal.

Stop letting other people speak for you.

Stop letting other people silence your beliefs.

Stop shutting up!

Stop going to bed filled with frustration.

Write, record yourself on camera, or confide in a trusted person but please, say something or you will explode from inside.

You’ll start to feel anxious, discouraged, uninspired, bitter, and depressed in your energy. Let go and it’s not even about God.

Let go because life is too short to not tell us how you feel because I promise to somebody it matters.

So drink your tea and water, watch who you put in your mouth, change your toothbrush every 30 days, floss, and be the best throat baby you can be.

Talk to you later,

Orisha Sevyn


Becoming Moore of Your Inner Child

Healing childhood wounds and trauma requires a lot of transparency about your experiences, habits, and environments growing up.

Examining your family dynamic, academic background, traditions, generational illnesses or addictions, and all things that you’ve engaged in during your early formative years will help you transform and develop through your insecurities.

You must identify the characteristics of your energy as a child. Were you active? Involved in sports? Into cartoons? Traveling with parents? Sensitive? Emotional? Withdrawn? Enrolled in extracurricular activities or hobbies?

What did your daily routines consist of? Did you have chores? Did you emotionally bond with your parents? Hell, did you even trust or converse with your parents? What did privacy look like then? Did you feel safe at home?

What happened to you during the most precious years of your life to guide you to your present faith, health, spirituality, and development?

Sensitivity, transparency, honesty, and creativity are your superpowers.

Shadow work when it comes to the inner child is working through heavier energies like; humiliation, shame, abandonment, poisoned confidence, over sexualization, sneaking, teasing, people pleasing, embarrassment, and bullying.

As an adult, do you find these themes still plaguing your experiences of love and friendship?

If so, I would encourage you to explore these experiences and write about how you’ve been emotionally hindered or triumphant compared to your childhood.

To be Moore child like is to not be so serious and move away from feeling so responsible; even if you were in this role as a child. Remove all expectations and fully engage in the present moment and time.

Dedicate one hour a day or one day a week to dressing up, coloring, painting, dancing like no one is watching, sing at your highest, running for the hell of it, jumping in your bed, playing childhood games or with toys, and flowing down memory lane to activate this energy of joy.

Think of the childhood experiences or energies you hoped and wished for. Have you transmuted those energies into your adult life? How do you not be so serious to balance out the adult within?

Our inner child wants us to be free and happy without expectations of self and others, the complications of emotional maturity, and fear of judgement for our creative spunk!

So I hope with this information you are able to get closer to your inner child and transmute the necessary energy to increase your power.

Orisha Sevyn


One of Sevyn’s Membership Reopening 4/1 🥳

Hi beautiful!

I’m so excited to get back on the phone and FT with you all!

Thank you all for your flexibility, prayers, kind words, and love during my time of healing.

It’s so very much appreciated.

Now I already have 6 members and will only be accepting 4 more for April to December 2022.

So I will be conducting enrollment on a first come, first served basis.

Here are the updates to membership:

*Please note the details within the product description have been updated above. There are no longer 4 Moore Inner G Reading requests. There are two scheduled biweeklies and 1 phone reading request.

To invest in One of Sevyn’s Membership for April 2022, submit your investment below.

Members Biweeklies will be out by April 1st, 2022 no later than 11:59PM CST.

I cannot wait to receive my new members!

I love you and thank you for returning to all present members who were transferred back from the Bee Line.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Orisha Sevyn


Secret Agent Man

How do I begin to trust you when all you do is lie?

Two lies and a truth is the only game you love to try.

Withholding details and sneaking out of places I see from the corner of my eye.

Born under Earth but I swear you act like a Gemini.

Hannah Montana with your double life.

Fooled me once then you fooled me twice.

Tried to save the others by sharing my advice.

Tension on the grounds where I grew up and played.

Your karmic action I already forgave.

You were the side to my meal first so I don’t feel played.

I only wish you considered Moore of us that you could’ve saved.

No shade.


Show Me Moore Outside

Look we all have to start doing our part!

I have devoted myself to connecting to nature Moore and removing my complaints about how things look in my neighborhood and community.

I was doing too much talking and my anxiety was starting to rise.

So I told myself to shut the f*ck up and go outside!

Every other day for the past week before 9am, I go sweep the stairs, remove garbage from the yard, and then pour water on the porch.

This of course is after I finish my sunrise routine and sun gazing.

I have an elderly neighbor who I haven’t seen in a while so I showed some humanity and cleaned his yard as well.

Why? All of his trash would continue to blow into my yard. Duh!

The pouring of water is a real Spiritual ritual I’ve seen passed loved ones practice.

I used a mop bucket, which I cleaned first, and filled it with lukewarm water.

As I poured the water on the stairs, I spoke words of protection, serenity, and love over all who come and go.

There’s Moore to this process but that’s for another day.

From this nature and community service I feel so alive and connected to the world.

I see how healing, inspiring, and grounding nature work is.

Two to three hours of my morning is dedicated to shutting the f*ck up and going outside to do some real Spiritual work.

So today I challenge you to shut your trap and move your back!

I hope with this Virgo full Moon energy you become Moore grounded and active in the collective mission of service.

Don’t talk about it, be about it.

Show Me Moore! 😘


I Can Give You What You Need.

Hi there beautiful!

I hope you’ve been well because I am feeling amazing and would love to check in with some Spirituali-Tea.

Have you been experiencing vivid dreams, deep knowing, aligning with 4:47, or feeling your ancestors or passed on loved ones calling out to you?

Welcome to the thick of Pisces season where it gets real lucid and auspicious.

The destruction of the old perspective is always ugly but bears such beautiful results.

Fear nothing as there are a ton of signs and synchronicities calling out to either warn or inform you of what you should focus on.

Time and money management keep you from flying off into the confusion and delusion that this magnetic energy brings.

Self care and self love will help you not feel alone.

Feeling off? Conflicted? Weary? I promise within the next 17 days you’ll feel a completely different way but let’s get you connected with some clarity!

I am now open for e-mail and audio only Moore Inner G Readings. Expect a 4 to 7 delivery day window for your reading. The investment for e-mail or audio format is $55.55 plus taxes. Invest below. I will reach out within 24 hours to 48 hours to confirm your delivery date.

If you’d like to learn to read energy for yourself, I got you there also!

For a limited time only gain access to my free Master O Tarot course.

Didn’t I tell you I got Moore of what you need?

Talk to you later!

Orisha Sevyn


One of Sevyn’s Membership & Biweeklies

Good Moorening current, returning, and prospective One of Sevyn’s Members.

We’ve revised the benefits of One of Sevyn’s Membership from what we previously announced.

Here are some things you should know about these revisions:

  • Investments are due on the first of each month. There is no proration so please be mindful of your submission dates.
  • Due to high enrollment and engagement demand to each member, investments have been adjusted to $99.99 plus taxes.
  • No Moore Biweeklies!! February 15th to February 28th, 2022 will be the last biweekly generated by Orisha Sevyn. Moving forward you will have 4 energy reading requests (email, audio, or phone option) to use over 30 days. You must request these on your own when you need clarity.
  • There are no tiers. For how I service and the commitment I dedicate to each member, you’re either in or out; Spiritually. There is one membership package designed to give you Moore of what you need based on previous years of membership.
  • In person availability has been added but only for those members who have been active with their healing. Orisha Sevyn will deny your request if you haven’t been committed to your growth.
  • Active Members by our definition are those who request energy readings outside of biweeklies, schedule and hold their virtual sessions, and Spiritually have shifted into their gifts.

I do hope to develop my intimate relationships with you all moving forward. This year our physical wellness is vital so book those stretching and meditation sessions.

To learn Moore about One of Sevyn’s Membership, please visit this link.

To become One of Sevyn’s Members, please visit the link below.

Thank you for you attention,

Orisha Sevyn


Moore Truth

I know, I know.

You don’t know how to approach or handle me.

Proceed with sensitive caution my dear.

I apologize that I lied to you about who I am.

See we both lied.

My lie was that I had Moore confidence, courage, and clarity than I exposed.

I played dumb and small.

I suffered the consequences each time and now that I have returned to my highest form; I know how this must feel.

The change was sudden to you but it took a lot of introspection and isolation to muster the courage to be myself.

For all the times I exaggerated ego and created this fictitious character; forgive me.

For all the times I diluted myself and situations to please others, forgive me.

For all the times I allowed people to touch, tease, and taunt me to insecurity; forgive me.

Now that all is forgiven, welcome the new me.

Bold, beautiful, and beyond your expectations of what a Spiritual woman of my caliber should be.

Come to me with mindfulness that I already know the things you fear being revealed.

Confirmation comes to me without permission and I do not deny the truths any longer.

To the old lovers and friends who I should’ve been way more honest with from the beginning; forgive me.

It was not you.

It was always me.

Not telling you the truth.

About us both.

Move on to the people who really do receive you.

I no longer do.

This is my truth.

This is testimony.

And for each time you thought things worked against me, this is my form of Justice.

No Moore inconsistency in my energy.

I am consistently wishing away those who have nothing to offer but gossip and low vibrational banter.

Now that I have risen from the death of my own shadows, I call out to those who love me and send it back.

Because as of today, I plan to come a little Moore authentically.

This may make you uncomfortable.

I hope you explore and digest that beautiful.

Orisha Sevyn 😘

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