I’m an exquisite taste, But stupid , So I use to chase, When I should’ve replaced, The face and forbid the case. Of lovers from the past, Our time didn’t last, So at last I pass, Because I was sick and tired of the crash. Which continued to happen, Reoccurring actions, But nothing happened, To my satisfaction. So I changed my reaction, Shit sometimes happens. It’s scary to think they don’t care, All along they didn’t play fair. I was Queen, Courting Jesters, Never a perfect pair. Let go of what no longer serves you; Be free but beware. Continue reading Escape


An orgasm was the highest we could reach, Educator but he declined that I teach, & To him my emotions always sounded like a speech, They often do say you should practice what you preach. & I can finally say I have, So for his ego I do reach. For it is the constant destroyer of our love, The typical hide & seek, See he was my favorite freak, & Today we never speak, But our flow was temporary, It would never last beyond a week. Continue reading Cycle


How quickly the story changed, It’s quite actually insane, How quickly he began to shame, & Defame my name. When hours before he wanted more, & Today I’m just a whore. But it’s all because I let go, & He spiraled out of control. He’s in love, But won’t confess, Egotistical, Such a mess, So I lie Romeo to rest, To envoy on this quest, Avoiding his intuition, To beat wildly on his chest. Continue reading Romeo