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Service Description

Are you always on the go and prefer to text? Seeking a late night epiphany, morning breakthrough, midday Spiritual awakening, or temporary accountability partner? I can be Moore of that for you via text and audio recording.

What Can We Text About?

During our sessions we can discuss theories, philosophies, astrology, Spirituality, public service, public health, childhood, adulthood, academic subjects, law, politics, conspiracy theories, self care, prophetic dreams, and much Moore depending on what you need.

Respect Yourself & My Boundaries

Please keep discussions of integrity regardless of the hour.

Miss O is an advocate and strong influencer for the anti-sexual violence campaign and I use my voice wisely. Any discussion of sexuality across friendly and professional boundaries will lead to an instant block and banning from any future service of Orisha Sevyn Consulting LLC.

Text Duration

You can book me for text messages 24 hours at a time for $33.33 plus taxes.


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