Miss O’s Private Academic Support



Service Description

Are you a grammar school, high school, private school, graduate school, or professional student seeking private academic development, coaching, guidance, or tutoring?

Miss O is now available for private sessions to support your academic and professional growth and development during one on one voice or FT sessions for up to two hours at a time.

One On One Session Details

These sessions can be done in person but an energetic background check must be consented to before you align with Miss O in person. *This is for public health and personal safety reasons.

During our sessions we will explore the subject you need help with, how to improve your understanding, progression tactics, and academic tools that could assist will be provided.


For up to two hour sessions, the investment is $33.33 plus taxes.

Investment Details

  1. There are no refunds once you submit your investment.

Confirmation Texts Day Before and Of

Miss O will contact you once via text before on the day of and if you do not respond within one hour, your session will be rescheduled ONCE. After this reschedule, your next missed session will be cancelled.

How Young Can The Student Be?

Miss O is working with students from Kindergarten on.

What About Students With Special Needs?

Miss O is Moore of an intuitive educator and I am equipped to handle students of all academic and learning needs.


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