Moore Human Resources Management Assistant – 30 days



To consult Jasmine Moore as your Human Resources Assistant for 30 days to assist with Moore of your professional, customer service, or Human Resources Management needs.

Benefits of this service:

Jasmine Moore will:

  • Work directly with you virtually , to ensure you are Moore conscious, confident, and clear about your professional goals and impactful actions.
  • Act as your Customer Service Support & HR Management Assistant between the hours of 7AM CST to 4PM CST, Monday to Friday, via email and text message only. You are responsible for all voice call matters and escalations. * Full roles and responsibilities outline can be requested prior to invest. Please email and put “MHRM in the subject field. *
  • Weekly virtual or voice sessions to help develop and improve your policies and processes.
  • Contract and policy improvement and development.
  • Personalized resources and tools that will enhance your performance, production, and time management.

Jasmine Moore will be contracted as your Human Resources Assistant on the day the contract is signed until 30days after.

In person assistance is an additional $44.44 per hour for each hour on site.

Jasmine Moore will only work on site up to 45 minutes from the Orisha Sevyn Consulting LLC and for as long as 4 hours from arrival.

Jasmine Moore will only work up to one day per month on site with or as your replacement.

Resume will be sent to your email prior to investment for your review.

Resume Preview:

Ten plus years in various Customer Service & Management roles.

Bachelor of Science in Education

Master of Business in Human Resources Managementย 

Master of Public Administration

Self Employed since 2018.

Business owner of Orisha Sevyn Consulting LLC since November 2020.

Fellow Memberships:

Chicago SHRM


Honor Society

Human Resources Management Experience Preview

San, Diego CA | Damon Interactions – HRM Assistant 2018

Chicago, IL | Personal Assistant – Photographer 2018

Human Resources Management Assistant – Make Up Artist 2021


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