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Do you need to ask a Spiritual question, get personal or professional advice, emotional wellness support, Human Resources Management assistance or seek Spiritual guidance from a credible, confident, and Clairvoyant consultant ?

With this service you gain access to an energy reading, consultation, business discussion, Spiritual guidance, confidence coaching session, self care management, HR assistance, customer service support, inner child healing, intuition conditioning, emotional relief, and or mental health support.

Moore of what you need will be provided during a one hour phone or FT call session ORย  via an audio recording sent within 7ย  days from your investment date.

There are no reschedules so please be sure to book a date that you can commit to.

Once you submit your investment, Orisha Sevyn will contact you via the email or telephone number listed on your order. From hereย  the booking link will be sent to schedule your appointment which must be within 14 days of investing. ( If you choose the phone call or FT call session.)

So for example, if you invest on June 1, 2022 for an energy reading, you have until June 15, 2022 to book your service or you lose your investment.

There are no refunds once you submit your investment so be confident in your decision.



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