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Moore Service Details

If you are seeking Moore Spiritual clarity, confirmation, guidance, emotional release, a Master O Tarot private lesson, non traditionalย  chakra alignment, childhood healing, intuition conditioning, mental health or emotional expression support a creative consultation, an energy cleanse, personalizedย  business advice, or a confidence coaching session, this is the service for you!

Benefits of This Service

With this service you gain access to the credible, compassionate, and confident consultation you need to feel Moore conscious, creative, and in control of your life.

How This Service Works

Your response will be provided within 7 business days via an audio recording for an Energy Reading or Consultation. This will be sent to your email or telephone number on file.

Your Emotional Expression Session, Confidence Coaching Session, Master O Tarot Lesson, or Business Call will be up to two hours. You have 7 days from investing to book this session.

There are no refunds once you submit your investment.

Booking Process

Once you submit your investment:

  1. Orisha Sevyn will contact you via the email or telephone number listed on your order.
  2. Your delivery date and time will be confirmed.
  3. Within 7 business days from your investment your order will be fulfilled.

** Orisha Sevyn will use a combination of Tarot cards, Oracle cards, clairaudience, intuitive messages, wisdom, professional experience, and prophetic guidance to fulfill your request.

** You can share your response with whomever you feel guided to.


Thank you so much to all who invest in Moore for themselves.


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