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Welcome to all who align to Orisha Sevyn Consulting LLC where we provide Moore consciousness, confidence, and creative self care to women, men, girls, and boys ages 7+.

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One of Orisha Sevyn’s Membership is now accepting members for enrollment!

Due to popular demand, One of Sevyn’s Membership is reinvented to satisfy Moore of your emotional and mental health needs.

Moore Poetic Journaling Volume I is now available for purchase!

Investment: $33.33 plus taxes.

Printed copies are $44.44 plus taxes.

To invest, please click below.

Energy Reading, Clairvoyant Consultation, Confidence Coaching & Moore

If you are seeking Moore Spiritual clarity, confirmation, guidance, emotional release, a Master O Tarot private lesson, non traditional  chakra alignment, childhood healing, intuition conditioning, a creative consultation, an energy cleanse, personalized  business advice, or a confidence coaching session, this is the service for you!

Moore Services For Men & Women; ages 18 and older.

To Text Orisha Sevyn for 24 hours worth of Consciousness, Confidence, and Clarity; book the service below.

Private – One on One Academic Support for Grammar School to Graduate School Students.

An Independent Learning Experience for girls and boys; ages 7 to 14.

The Bee Moore AcadeME is an Independent Homeschool Learning Experience for girls and boys 7-14 years old. We believe education should be Moore of a Spiritual experience than a mundane one. Through our virtual learning experience, in person sessions, and personalized academic support girls and boys are able to develop themselves Spiritually, intuitively, academically, physically, and creatively with a credible, caring, adult present.

Moore Resources From Miss O

The Moore Spelling Book in an independent creative learning resource created by Miss O. All course content will be taught from there.

Session One begins August 1st, 2022.

Each session is 30 days.

Investments are $44.44 per session.

Investments are due on the last day of the month before each session.

So, your August 1, 2022 investment is due on July 31st, 2022.

At the Bee Moore AcadeME, we focus on Self Care, Social Learning, Social Bonding, Physical Health, Astrology, Astronomy, Creative & Performing Arts, Emotional & Creative Development, Educational Concepts, and Childhood Healing.

Class sessions are taught by Miss O (Jasmine Moore) or homeschool teacher.

The Bee Moore AcadeME is located at Orisha Sevyn Consulting LLC.

Sessions will be held on Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday of each week from 11:33am to 3:33pm AND Saturdays starting August 6th, 2022 from 11:33am to 2:22pm.

Members will have the option to have sessions online or to join us in person at Orisha Sevyn Consulting LLC on the three days we meet.

If you would like to enroll a girl or boy ages 7-14, please complete the form below.

We hope you let us bring Moore social and Spiritual learning to your youth’s life.

Here is to being Moore independent in learning,

Jasmine Moore – Head Bee of the Bee Moore AcadeME : where girls and boys are able to Bee Moore in their creative energy.

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