See we were young,

I threw the shade,

The โ€œfriendshipโ€ games we played,

And maybe Iโ€™m a little late ,

But our fate you continue to skate,

And I honestly canโ€™t relate.

See Iโ€™ve seen you date,

I can feel your soul leave your body ,

As my hands trace your body ,

You been saying Iโ€™m a hotty,

Like a Toddy.

You took a sip,

Of me and I ainโ€™t been the same since,

Maybe we shouldโ€™ve stopped at the kiss,

Oh man,

Damn, I wish.



The unnecessary whispers

Theyโ€™re judging my figure

But I would never consider being embarrassed and bitter

Equally I have wronged

Yet unmasked, I alone

Youโ€™d rather clown for the fools who share your shame

& Please understand that I am grateful,

Iโ€™m glad I came

Because the love with this Virgo

The bells equally rang

The wedding bells in my ear

Yes, I equally played

However, regardless, teamwork was the theme at the end of the day.

I judge thee not of their perspective or sin

My water muddy as my neighbor

See I have no shame

You my dear, refused to elevate

& For what I prepare to PRO Create

I am the magic wand and you portrayed a king

But a fool you are

You did foolish things

& the magic that I had been

Possessed no such power to cure your sin

So it was best my dear for this journey to end.



Adventures arise,

Before my eyes,

Creating my new life,

Making my dreams come alive.

Evolve and Fly,

Grow pretty Jasmine;


Inside; no where to hide,

Just out in plain view,

Kindly I let go of the old,

Accepting of all of the new.

Often people question reason,

Seasons, testimonies, and even u,

But victory wins,

Becoming so exhausted; phew,

Yet Iโ€™m just alphabetically speaking and enjoying my view.



So hard I tried to hide and deny,

The joy in my heart and my eyes for this guy,

Such a beautiful disguise,

This Narcissist was full of pride,

But his lake was so shallow and deep down inside,

He yearned for my river,

He wanted to dip in and hide,

But my levees were so strong, it swallowed his pride,

So now with his cleansed soul,

He left his mud in mine.



I donโ€™t know what to say,

To describe or replay,

All the pain I feel from the past;

I guess It was destined, it was fate.

See karma is real, so believe what they say

Be careful at what you think, chant, and pray.

What you release will return,

Like ashes to an Urn,

So out goes the soul and to Hell we could burn,

For our sins are our own.

& We are destined for our own fate,

Mind your business and your karma,

& Watch the higher you elevate.


05 28 2018

When it rains it pours,

Real life experiences translated into metaphors

The cuts from his tongue my bodyโ€™s worn,

Fragile- delicate but still Iโ€™m not a woman scorned.

See this journey Iโ€™m up for,

Another show on this heartbreak tour,

The salty water which pours,

From my beautiful hazel soul,

Canโ€™t cleanse the walls of my distorted ocean floor.

Cracked and broken,

Vines unwrapped,

My levees open,

Something deeper than shallow is what I was hoping,

The ropes around my heart are slowly unroping,

I thought I was a mermaid,

But under water,

Iโ€™m chocking.


05 25 2018

ย My mind cannot retrace,

All of the things I’ve misplaced,

Staying a leg up – in this infinite cardiac race.

The memories I cannot contain,

At the utter of the name,

Of the lame who couldn’t tame the mane I’ve became.


Inevitably, I replay,

All the shit he used to say,

How his lips would part and the melodies would play.

Serenaded and swooned,

Amused and confused,

See I was the one whose ego would bruise.

This love cruise,

How the boat would sway.

Oh how damn good he was with the roles he played.

An Artist, the best in his craft,

For years this cruise would last,

And then ,

Theyโ€™d ask why Iโ€™m so quick to spazz,

Not knowing I wasnโ€™t fast,


I guess I never could be ,

See I assumed I was being courted;

Naive to the fact he was a clown impersonating a King.

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