Gifted Silence.

Learning my lesson the easy way and released the expectation.

Praying that what I think is all the Devil and I won’t surrender to his vocation.

Left in the dark for no details are shared.

Compare and contrast is none so I can’t even be scared.

I remain better prepared because I care.

Torn between what I hear and what they don’t say.

With my intuition on fire, I can’t even play.

What’s done in the dark is always revealed especially when with temptation you play.

So maybe I need to stay away to remain composed.

Silence is the gift of this return so I shall say less of MOORE.

Withdrawing to find my place because I’m so unsure.

Feeling as if what existed is a figment of my imagination and I no longer wanna explore.

I’m sure.

The bones you keep covered would rip me apart.

So I pray to know less of your journey and for us to be pulled completely apart.

That’s what makes this so hard and it’s not easy to discard.

But when you run around with broads you end up with the sharks.

I guess I learned that loving you so much Moore was not the solution.

Exhausted by the monkey mind and the heaviness from confusion.

It’s bruising the part that can’t grow hard.

All I wanted you to do was your part.

And honor all the intentions we set in the dark.

But I guess, instead you got hard.

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