New Days

Moore than cool these days so I don’t trip.

When it comes to Spirit, I’ll bow down quick.

Even when it’s my turn to get my lick,

I let go quick of revenge.

See I believe in karma so she’ll win in the end.

Some of us rather pretend but ima be Moore than real.

You can’t make me feel nothing I don’t wanna feel so just watch your spill.

If words could kill, a lot of people would never again rise.

Hypnotized by my eyes and even after I cut em off,

They fantasize because of pride.

See these days ima alive.

Grateful for the attention I receive because in the past I would’ve died.

The lack of affection behind his erection was a hard enough lesson.

This time ima pass the test and continue to adore my blessing.

Yasir Lamar, you are a star.

Such a wish that came from afar.

So whoever you are wherever you are,

Stay there because I don’t care.

No stress, no drama, cuz I’m not in the pair.

Continue to lurk and stare and silently share your misery.

You ain’t gotta worry about me because I already learned from history.

Sevyn. 🧿✨

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