Moore Bizness News

Top of the sun beautiful beings!

There are a lot of changes going on for Miss O and I needed to give you all an update!

I’ve been using my MPA wisely and the response is blowing my mind. I’ve been posting public health, public safety, anti-sexual violence, and intuitive messages on all my social media platforms!

You should join my collectives:

Facebook: Bee Moore

TikTok: orishasevyn

The Bee Moore AcadeME will be hosting virtual orientations within the next three weeks and I am so excited!

Ask Orisha Sevyn is the only other service I am offering at this time to focus on the members of the Bee Moore AcadeME.

Please also remember, if you or anyone you know has been sexually harassed, assaulted, or violated; this is a safe space! I am offering free virtual Moore Expression Sessions for these women, men, and children.

Email me to inquire:

I hope you are well and balanced;

Orisha Sevyn

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