In May 2020, I was Sexually Harassed

In May of 2020, I was sexually harassed, bullied, and intimated by someone I’ve known since high school.

I was in the comfort of my own home, in my bedroom, still unsafe.

I had known this man for years before and never thought my sexual boundaries would be crossed but still he entered my bedroom beyond my permission.

He refused to leave as he repeated the same sentence over and over demanding a response regardless of my saying this was not okay.

He simply wanted me to give him what he wanted and was not leaving until he received it.

This is when I started to got nervous.

My friend was present during this interaction and even after she was very uncomfortable.

I cried to someone I’ve loved for a while and thought the issue would be handled but it was not as I found out the next day.

The next day, he came back with a group of his friends to my residence and sought the opportunity to speak to me.

He asked the same questions and demanded a response in the same arrogant manner as he did in my bedroom the day before. His group of friends laughed as he called me weird for not answering his question as he wanted me to.

I immediately ran into the house, locked myself in the bathroom, and phoned the friend that was present. After I called my big brother to pick me up from my home, where I was no longer safe.

People I resided with were present and fell deaf to the incident; protecting him still to this day.

I’ve been blocked by women I thought loved me for asking for help in safety.

I was put of the residence because I blew the whistle on someone they love.

My boundaries have been ignored and now my silence is breaking!

In 2020, I did go to the police to report this incident to start a paper trial because he works for the city. I’ve loss women I loved due to situations like this so it was imperative I went against tradition and blew the fcking whistle!

So I come here as a woman who has been sexually assaulted, raped, choked, stepped on literally, punched, stalked, emotionally abused, manipulated, and shunned; BUT I AM NOT DEAD!

Men have touched me on the CTA redline inappropriately and threatened to shank me if I screamed.

Men have cornered me at parties and inserted themselves in places they didn’t belong even when I said NO.

A man entered my bedroom when he thought I was vulnerable and alone.

But what a man will not do anymore is SILENCE ME!

The rug I swept it under I now pull up and discard in the trash of my fear!!!

I stand in my truth so other women can activate their courage!

I am screaming MY STORY IS REAL. Each one!

I was violated in my home by a man I went to high school with in May of 2020 and THIS IS MY TRUTH!

No one will silence me this year!!!

Stay away from my children because I NEVER consented to it!!!

To women who have experienced sexual violations and want to share their truth, you can always reach out to me! I never want another woman to question her sanity because she is being SILENCED, BULLIED, AND INTIMIDATED!!

For the entire month of July I will be hosting free Self Care Sevyn sessions for women who have experienced sexual violations of the above magnitude. Please make contact with me privately to sign up!

Email me at moore@orishasevynconsulting.con

Orisha Sevyn

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