Nine Cups

Ouuu baby I’m free.

Finally able to let the world see the real me.

Doing whatever I wanna do to make me sing.

No time for immature things and summer flings.

Aligned with my hearts desire so I’m overprotected from everything.

Now here comes my exes wanna ring.

Old friends and lovers gotta feel the sting.

So what does this new season bring?

Well I can hear the wind calling my name.

Asking me to come dance to liberate all the internal pain.

That rang from the train,

Which tried to wreck my brain,

& stain my attire to drain my fame.

But I pulled all reign on my power.

Smiling watching him fly from the tower.

Guilty is the verdict in the first half hour.

Thought man was the one but my love is a feminine flower.

Switching teams, waving my flag.

Grateful for the lessons from my daughter’s dads.

At this phase in my life, I’m hella glad,

That I’m up this season cuz some of y’all are going out bad.

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