Beautiful you are and I know you a star ,

Traveling the world knowing how Divine you are,

See I don’t want you to drive far in your car.

No longer do I need to bottle up how I feel in this fictitious jar.

Can I buy you a drink and watch you sit so pretty at the bar?

Or can I finally take you home?

Where you can gracefully take your thrown.

Counting down the days until we can be intimately alone,

So I can hear the shift in your tone,

As we really explore and roam,

Each other to feel Moore.

Interested in your all, so I’m sure you’ll never bore, me.

Beloved said you’re the one so I don’t resist.

Walking my path in high faith that this is it.

Released all of my ego it was time to quit.

Prayed for a beautiful breakthrough and baby you are it.

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