Ego Deaths

Spiritually for us to ascend, we must experience many ego deaths.

Those sudden moments of change when we realize we are not who we think we are.

A profound moment when you feel so betrayed by yourself and aware of all the ways you behaved unlike yourself.

It’s an intense, chaotic, yet passionate energy to navigate.

With ego deaths, I’ve learned to accept that this is who I am and forgive those behaviors that do not align.

I reflect on how I need to build the confidence of my true self and move further away from who I am not.

I’m often left feeling uncomfortable and conflicted because communicating from an honest space can cause tower moments for others.

The louder I am about my identify, the more exposed those around me feel.

To conquer an ego death you need consciousness, confidence, and clarity to Spiritually ascend above your shadows with the wisdom from your reflection.

As One of Sevyn’s Members this is something we focus on daily.

My intention is to support you as you transition through the heaviness and rise above with the tools you need for success.

To learn more about One of Sevyn’s Membership or to invest, follow the link below.

If not, I wish you well as the shadows are about to activate the sun to expose who we all truly are.

I hope you have the support you need.

Moore of my Members do. 💚✨

Orisha Sevyn

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