Moore In My Business – 2022

Hear Yee, Hear Yee to all lurking and searching,

I would rather you come to me directly with gall than try to navigate my business naively.

See when you get in my business it gets very messy.

From Orisha Sevyn to Jasmine Moore, there are so many elements of my lifestyle I handle gracefully but I promise you baby, you are not ready for this business.

I know what you heard.

I know what you assume.

And against popular belief, I’m not fond of this over sexualization of my energy but I allow others to enjoy the figments of their imagination.

If I approached some of you with the balls you think you have, I promise you would wither away egotistically and be in a form so childlike, others could see how unhealed you are.

So brace yourself as you Google me and collect your data!

Make sure you are utilizing credible sources like and LinkedIn.

Now if you ever muster the courage and confidence to approach me, I would be more than happy to thoroughly answer your questions about my personal business.

It’s so much easier to book an appointment but I know how hard it is to ask for the help we need.

I was intimidated by myself and the power behind my Spiritual gifts in the past so I know how it feels to be afraid to ask for MOORE.

So to those sending me low vibrations, evil energy, and negative wishes against my abundant ass, kiss it.

Orisha Sevyn

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