No Moore Bullsh*t

Instead of speaking from our hearts and showing vulnerability; we speak from ego.

We sabotage ourselves every time we stomp instead of crying.

Why is it so difficult for us to say “what you said hurt my feelings and it’s not okay?”

“I don’t like how you spoke to me and I would like for you to not do it again.”

Not screaming, pushing, fighting, and intentionally harming the other with words that hinder the soul?

Why can’t we speak freely from a space of genuine emotion where the other can relate?

If your boundaries are not respected the energy change following a violation is what triggers the chaos and internal conflict.

Why does keeping myself safe from anything making me feel uncomfortable, insecure, undervalued, and small make me afraid?

What the fuck am I afraid of?

If I remove myself, what can they do?

Violate me. That’s it. Only those who disrespect themselves will cross the boundaries I’ve designed to protect me.

Why do boundaries make us so uncomfortable?

We should feel so powerful in being able to direct the energy in our lives.

It takes a lot of courage to stand on the statements you said; especially when you didn’t mean them.

Even more difficult as an adult who people pleases and finally wants to change their behavior.

Speaking up for ourselves and standing our ground should not intimidate the other.

It should inspire them to do the same.

Often times, however, it only infuriates those who lack the boundaries we now have in place.

Today I choose to say “no” , “too close” , “too much” , “not enough”, and all other affirmations to keep myself protected!

Might throw in a fuck you if violate my humanity. Be aware that’s it’s all in self love.

So it’s best to not even challenge me.

Today I wish Moore courage as you stand your ground against people pleasing, self sabotage, and who you think you are (ego).

Orisha Sevyn

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