Moore Truth

I know, I know.

You don’t know how to approach or handle me.

Proceed with sensitive caution my dear.

I apologize that I lied to you about who I am.

See we both lied.

My lie was that I had Moore confidence, courage, and clarity than I exposed.

I played dumb and small.

I suffered the consequences each time and now that I have returned to my highest form; I know how this must feel.

The change was sudden to you but it took a lot of introspection and isolation to muster the courage to be myself.

For all the times I exaggerated ego and created this fictitious character; forgive me.

For all the times I diluted myself and situations to please others, forgive me.

For all the times I allowed people to touch, tease, and taunt me to insecurity; forgive me.

Now that all is forgiven, welcome the new me.

Bold, beautiful, and beyond your expectations of what a Spiritual woman of my caliber should be.

Come to me with mindfulness that I already know the things you fear being revealed.

Confirmation comes to me without permission and I do not deny the truths any longer.

To the old lovers and friends who I should’ve been way more honest with from the beginning; forgive me.

It was not you.

It was always me.

Not telling you the truth.

About us both.

Move on to the people who really do receive you.

I no longer do.

This is my truth.

This is testimony.

And for each time you thought things worked against me, this is my form of Justice.

No Moore inconsistency in my energy.

I am consistently wishing away those who have nothing to offer but gossip and low vibrational banter.

Now that I have risen from the death of my own shadows, I call out to those who love me and send it back.

Because as of today, I plan to come a little Moore authentically.

This may make you uncomfortable.

I hope you explore and digest that beautiful.

Orisha Sevyn 😘

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