From Flashlight to Lighthouse

Hi beautiful,

At the beginning of my spiritual awakening, I thought exposing those around me was the key to mastering myself.

Thinking the more I pulled people to their truths the more blessings would come.

Each time, all I did was expose myself and the insecurities around my gifts.

My mission here is not to shine my light on anyone.

I am a lighthouse.

I am here to shine my light into the Universe and attract all who desire Moore in their life.

I provide access to valuable information, tools, and resources so you are clear in your direction through consciousness, confidently.

The big warm flashlights I send into the sky are visible always but only very few have the courage to see me.

I cannot be moved to create a shorter journey to me.

I cannot dim my light for others will be in danger without the guidance I provide.

I can only be both light and a house.

Vibrant and secure.

Waiting for you to meet me.

I’ll always be here ready for you to get the clarity you deserve.

I only hope Moore of you see me and want to come closer to mission.

Orisha Sevyn

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