Moore Premonitions – 2/2022

For the month of February 2022, here are a few manifestations you can expect within your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and around the collective energies.

⁃ A lot of Leo, Earth sign, & Pisces energy will be felt so focus on your: courage, growth, and dreams.

⁃ Material and Spiritual prosperity within your home life.

⁃ Isolation and introspection as we are healing from childhood wounds.

⁃ Reconnection with old friends and distant family through April 2022.

⁃ Detaching from codependent behaviors, obsessive thoughts, and fears around self sufficiency.

⁃ Faith based experiences because a lot is to be exposed but not at this time. Trust in the process and continue to develop yourself.

⁃ Deep emotional transformation and release of connections that no longer make you feel, anything.

⁃ Business owners: within two days or weeks of this message, two to four opportunities to shift your stability are coming in. Business loss and discontent with clientele will receive an intense shock of attraction if you are in high vibration. By April 1, 2022 there should be new services and experiences due to this income or resource. Congratulations!

⁃ Divine timing is at play for Air signs and the changes that are coming in require letting go of more material items. Broken, loss, or damaged items will be replaced, let go.

⁃ Coparenting should be easier for those who were in relationships anytime from 2009 to 2019. Best of luck on your realignment.

⁃ Recall your sexual power, remove porn, and explicit content from your practice. Dive deeper into your insecurities around intimacy and explore your imagination.

⁃ More men will rise to Spirituality by July 2022.

⁃ Women in Taurus and Cancer energy professional careers will be the first to walk into rich this year.

Taurus, Libra, and Aries; congratulations!

⁃ Mental health issues this month will be rooted around boredom and emotional dissatisfaction. Find ways to increase your interest throughout the day to trigger inspiration.

⁃ More black car purchases.

⁃ Chicago residents between King Drive to Pulaski could experience black outs at the most inconvenient hours.

⁃ Attraction of more resources, programs, and tools over printed money.

Don’t say I didn’t mention it!

Orisha Sevyn 😘

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