Moore Only For Those Invested 12/31

Top of the sun to everyone.

January 11, 2022 will be the last date I am accepting One of Sevyn’s Members until September 2022.

One of Sevyn’s Membership

One of Sevyn’s Members have been committed to Moore Spiritual Wellness and Personal Development since October 2020. Much recognition and reward is in store for each member on my roster and anyone aligning until January 11, 2022.

One of Sevyn’s Members Collective and zodiac specific energy readings will be uploaded for January 2022 to April 2022 throughout the rest of this month to the Google Drive Folder. Please visit this drive weekly for new information. I WILL NOT BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFOMS FOR CONTACT OR COMMUNICATION AT ALL.

Please text me for the link to the drive for members access only.

Please subscribe to my blog for notifications.

The Moore Human Resources Drive

We are about to enter heavy karmic energies and if you are not a member, there is not much assistance I can provide for you. I will not be consulting, reading energy, or sharing wisdom on social media platforms. All content and information will be uploaded to the Moore Human Resources & One of Sevyn’s Members drives.

The Moore Human Resources drive is available for all to access until January 11, 2022 when there will be a $7.77 investment to enter.

Here is the free link until January 11, 2022.

No Longer Open to Receive the Public, Soon. Going Moore Intimate

After December 2021, I will no longer accept requests for Moore Inner G Readings and Moore Emotional Expression Sessions from non One of Sevyn’s members or Master O Tarot Students.

I am investing all my energy into One of Sevyn’s Members, Master O Tarot, Sevyn-ty Days of Self (Self Love Journal & Audio content) and the Bee Moore Academy ( Spiritual Wellness and Personal Development program for Divine feminine youth, ages 7-13 in the Chicagoland area; which are both dated to be released as of June 2022).

Members, Moore information on how things will shift to accommodate us all will be released soon. No worries though, I am ready for it!

I hope you have the courage to invest with Orisha Sevyn Consulting LLC before it’s too late.

Moore abundance and resources are on the way for all my present clients, students, and members; as long as you are able to shift out of this karmic cycle we are presently under.

As I am under seven days of silence, upon clearing a major life cycle, I will only hold space for those ready for Moore consciousness, confidence, and clarity.

Are you ready for Moore?

Invest in your service or experience below.

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